Monday, June 8, 2015

No Use crying over split ice-cream

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all doing well!

Today's post is something I have been putting off for a long long time, probably because I was so much in denial that I didn't want it to seem so real.

So as you know or you probably don't know, I went through a whole year dieting to achieve quite a great goal, losing 13 kilos and being able to put on clothes I had never imagined will fit! You can read about my whole journey here:

In my last post on exactly the 12th of February 2014 I weighed 57 kilos and I was looking damn fine, I must say. Today, Monday 8th of June 2015 I weigh 67-68 kilos and I look like I'm in my first trimester.

So were did it all go wrong? Simple... I just didn't care anymore!

It all began when I needed a change in my life, I changed everything from my hair, to my style, my relationship etc etc. In that period all I felt like doing was having fun and nothing else, in fact I dare say that 2014 was probably my best year EVER! I was truly enjoying life, made some great memories and went out and enjoyed myself every weekend. With that however, came a lot of junk food and beer, especially in Summer were my signature drink was Cisk Chill Berry.

However, many might say that I did not gain that much weight, in fact looking back at photos this is not evident, reason being is that although I ate unhealthily, I was doing exercise 2-3 times a week, so I didn't gain any weight!

Things changed during the end of the year. I started comfort eating due to a complicated situation in my life and slowly slowly I started exercising less, especially since I had a new opportunity which took up a lot of my time and I then decided to focus on my career.

Come February/ March , my diet has spiralled out of control. I stopped exercising since I was attending a course during the times of my aerobics classes and assignments got intense that I comfort ate my way through these past couple of months.

Last week, I got a huge wake up call when I went on to try some things I had for summer and nothing fit! I had been rarely going out due to assignments that I didn't need to get dressed up, so I didn't realise how much weight I put on. I also went to try on dresses for my cousin's upcoming wedding and ofc I was not seeing myself I did before.

Today I decided that I will no longer let myself throw what I worked so hard for go to waste and I decided that once again I will start taking my dieting seriously and re-start my journey towards a healthy lifestyle including exercise!

That being said, the support I received online and the therapeutic value I got from writing down my struggles on my blog were what kept me going all those months!

So as I said before, let's do this once again and hey, it's ok to fall off the wagon, because you're strong enough to pick yourself up again and keep on driving!

Martina XOXO

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