Saturday, November 28, 2015

Diet Diaries 2.0- Eye on the prize + Easy Chicken Recipe

Hey Guys!

I've been meaning to write another diet diaries but with work and attending the last few lectures of my course, I had to postpone it to a quieter time to recollect my thoughts.

So since we last "spoke", I can safely say that I am being very good with my diet, eating healthily and also introduced green tea to my regime and believe me I am drinking LOADS of different flavoured green tea, more on that later.

Unfortunately my dates with are not always consistent and regular, at the beginning, I was always updating it consistently nearly after each meal or at a particular time of the day, but for some reason, I am constantly forgetting or find it tedious... this was actually one problem I had when I went to Marika, for some reason, I always forgot or found it tedious to record every meal.

The thing is, although it may be tedious, I found that by actually documenting your meals and by reflecting on your daily eating habits, it can really help you stay on track, so I set a goal to restart documenting what I eat. Just a reminder, you can access myfitnesspal food diary by clicking this link:

You will see ALOT of entries that are empty... hopefully that'll change soon!

Weight wise, my weighing scales are not budging but clothes wise, I am seeing a difference. Clothes stay on better and instead of having a bulging tummy, my bloating has reduced, making me owe a huge thank you to all the green tea I am drinking.

People have also commented that my face is looking thinner and last time Chanel and I saw some photos from the past couple of months and the difference is noticeable!

With regards to food, I am quite consistent with lunch preparations. I tend to go for salads, veg or chicken and veg depending how long my day is.

I have found it super convenient to cook chicken breasts or tenderloins and season them with a mixed pepper and lemon mill- the results are simply divine!

The Pepper and Lemon seasoning I use is by Drogheria and Alimentari and I bought this mill from Miracle Foods in St. Paul's Bay, however, I think you can find it in a number of supermarkets.

So how do I cook the chicken?
First I leave the chicken to thaw a few hours and after it is towed, I spray a pan or grill, however, I am tending to favour pans lately, with a low-fat oil, leaving it a few seconds to heat up.
I place the chicken breast and grind some seasoning on it leaving it for a few minutes.
When I see that the chicken is browning, I turn the chicken and season the other side, adding a bit of water in order to keep the chicken tender.
I repeat this step another two times.
I usually take the chicken with some mixed veg seasoned with the Pepper and Lemon seasoning.
Et Voila! A very simple recipe that doesn't take much effort and is finger-licking good! 
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Till next time!

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