Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Beauty Chronicles: Cleansers


Hello ladies! As I already said before, cleansing is the most important stage of any skin care routine. When I do it everyday, and also make sure to remove my make-up before going to bed, I always have beautiful healthy skin. When I neglect it for only a couple of days, I see the difference immediately. . !! This is because cleansing prevents a build-up of waste products and ;
  1. If dirt and grime accumulate on the skin, they block up the pores…and the results are bad stuff like black heads…..
  2. Make-up that is left on the skin becomes stale, irritates the surface of the skin and blemishes appear . . not nice L
  3. Over the course of the day, the skin’s secretions attract dust, parasites and pollution from the atmosphere; these create further congestion which must be dealt with immediately to prevent skin problems. 
So get your cleansers out and use them!!   ;-)

Remember. Whichever cleansing product is used, should leave the skin looking and feeling clean, cool and fresh. The skin should feel soft to the touch and not tight or irritated. So if you feel any discomfort after cleansing, think about changing the cleanser!

Now, a little information about which types of cleansers you might find out there:

  • Cleansing creams
  • Cleansing milks
  • Cleansing lotions
  • Make-up removers
  • Wash-off cleansers
** Cleansing creams

Some cleansing creams have a more fluid consistency which is lighter than a traditional cream but richer than cleansing milk.

Uses :                    Cleansing milks are particularly good for removing make-up and for cleansing balanced, dry and mature skin types. This is because they melt quickly when applied to the skin and penetrates the pores, dissolving stale make-up and grime.

**Cleansing milks

Cleansing milks are not always efficient as creams for dissolving make-up,  but on the up side, they are water-based, therefore are easier to wipe off the skin than creams. So don’t rule them out just yet, and remember to cleanse twice if you have make-up on!!

Uses: These are particularly suitable for younger, greasier skins. People with a tendency to dryness, or who has a mature skin, should only use cleansing milks with a high oil content.

**Make-up removers

There are different types of products available for removing  make-up:

·        Make-up removers which  are suitable for removing all types of make-up

·        Others have special formulations which make them suitable for removing stubborn eye make-up, in particular waterproof mascara.

Important things to remember when removing eye-make up :

·        A good eye make-up remover dissolves make-up immediately so that it can be removed easily from the skin. This is important when treating the fine, sensitive skin in the eye area where there should be as little disturbance of the skin as possible.
·        People who wear contact lenses may prefer a non-oily eye make up remover to using a greasier product around the eyes. Otherwise, remove contact lenses before removing eye-make-up.

That’s all for now. Please ask questions in case of any doubts!

Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo

What we use:

Denise’s Review:

I have been taking care of my skin since I was about 13. I started using products
by ‘Simple’. I think I have used a whole lot of products from that brand. From cleaners
and toners to moisturizers, scrubs and a clay mask. Since they are cheaper than most
products, those were the ones I pretty much afforded!

Since I have long stopped using that brand, I am going to write what I can still remember
about their cleaner:

It was thick and after I washed my face, it felt sticky and I almost couldn’t move my face.
After that, I started using products by Nivea. I love this brand, although I don’t really like
their smell. It’s not bad, it’s just not to my taste.
Recently, I have used Nivea Visage Refreshing cleansing lotion. It is a light cleaner and
my skin felt squeaky clean afterwards. Would definitely recommend it!

Thank God I have discovered the Cleaners, toners and moisturiser of Olay. This brand is
definitely my favourite. Plus, I love their smell!! The cleanser feel so fresh on my skin ,
and leaves it so clean. While using this cleaner, my skin has been clearer and brighter.
Would most definitely recommend this!!

Martina’s Review:

I have used the same cleanser for as long as I can remember since I had an acne problem
a few years back therefore I had to use the cleanser the dermatologist had prescribed
which was the Cetaphil Cleanser.

This Cleanser is a medicated cleanser which is very effective for people suffering with
problematic skin, the only downside to it is that once you are all cleared up the skin as it
happened in my case, from always having oily skin I started having normal skin (well and
good you might say) but my skin became lifeless that certain oomph I used to have went.

After that cleanser I went onto another cleanser by Babor for combination skin which was
very good it restored my healthy glow and my skin was looking fabulous! This combination consisted of an oil and a cleanser. The oil was used as a base for the cleanser and it was a really good make up remover and didn't leave my face all oily then I used the cleanser on top of it and took it all off by wetting my hands and taking the cleanser off with circular motions and repeating for 4 times.

But after a few months of using it my skin got accustomed to it and till recently my spots
started to emerge again due to stress mostly and I had (well still have) a lot of blemishes
therefore I’m back to using Cetaphil, till now I have re used it for one week and I must
say that my face has cleared up (not to the extent I want it to but still a progress)

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