Sunday, January 16, 2011

Basic Make Up Technique

Hello lovely ladies!
We hope you had a full fun packed weekend!! Today I am going to share with you the essential products used for makeup and in what way they should be applied. Now I know that everyone has their own technique on what comes before and what comes after but this is the technique that worked for me and the technique I have to know due to my make up course.
  1. Apply Primer (this is optional, sometimes I leave this step out)
  2. Apply concealer on blemishes or spots
  3. Apply the right foundation all over the face including eyes and mouth and neck blending thoroughly
  4. Apply Powder all over face and neck
  5. Apply primer on the eyelid of your eye especially if you have oily eyelids
  6. Apply eye shadow (we will be showing you different techniques in the coming posts)
  7. Apply eyeliner (preferably pencil) on the lower lash line and set it with a black eye shadow in order for it not to smudge
  8. Apply a liquid or cream eyeliner on the upper lash line
  9. Arrange brows with a brow pencil, gel or wax if necessary
  10. Apply Mascara
  11. Apply False Lashes (optional)
  12. Apply Blush
  13. Apply Highlighter
  14. Line your lips with a lip liner then fill in with lipstick and if you want go over it with gloss
  15. Set your make up with a setting spray if you want et voila! You’re finished

The scope of this blog post is to basically show you how make up is applied step by step and to introduce you to different make up products that we will be covering in the following posts where we will go into more detail on different types of products you find on the market, how to apply them and so on.

We hope you found this blog useful!

Martina The Fabulous Team xoxo


  1. Awesome post and good advice, thanks.

    Charlene xxxxx

  2. Awesome girls! Looking forward for more posts from you xxxx

  3. I find that putting foundation on before concealer helps me see exactly what I need to cover up, as some small blemishes get covered quite well with foundation, therefore avoiding putting too much concealer on. :)

  4. Yes sometimes I do that too however when you have coloured concelear or when you would like to contour or highlight I find it best to apply it before foundation

  5. if you're going heavy on the eyes with a dark smokey look I find applying the foundation lastly suits me better since I can cleanse off any fall out from my eyeshadows! Also, when I do clients' makeup I tend to fill in the eyebrows before i start on the eye makeup as this frames the face better. Rock on girls! xoxo