Saturday, January 15, 2011

Skin care advice for everyone!

Skin care:

A beautiful skin is a healthy skin. Good skin care, practiced routinely, helps to keep the skin healthy by:

-          Keeping the outer surface clean and soft.
-          Maintaining adequate moisture levels.
-          Ensuring a healthy blood supply to living cells and tissues.
-          Helping the skin to resist infection and infestation.
-          Providing protection from external damage

The main aim of skin care is to create or maintain a balanced skin. A balanced skin is a healthy skin.

The following advice, in intended for everyone, whatever skin type!

*      Eat a balanced diet. Skin must be fed from the inside with all the necessary vitamins , minerals and nutrients. This should include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and fiber. Foods containing vitamin A, B , C and E are particularly important for a healthy skin. So are proteins and the essential fatty acids. Vitamin A keeps skin healthy and prevents it from becoming dry and flaky. Vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and vitamin E helps to rehydrate the skin and speed up the healing process.

*      Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. This helps to maintain a healthy water balance in the body and speeds up elimination of wastes and toxins which can affect the skin.

*      Sleep at least 8 hours at night. Remember that the rate of skin cell repair and replacement increases when we are asleep. Tiredness and exhaustion deprive the skin of the energy  it needs to recover and regenerate.

*      Protect the skin. A balanced skin can easily become dry if it is not protected  from the weather, extremes  of temperature, sunlight, pollution and cosmetics. Wear a moisturizer to create a barrier between the skin and the outside elements. Whenever possible, avoid exposing the skin to strong sunlight; otherwise use a suitable sunscreen.

*      Exercise regularly. Apart from stimulating the flow of blood and supply of oxygen to the body tissues, regular exercise speed up cell division and helps to build collagen. Keeping the body fit minimizes stress and its effect upon the skin.

*      Use an effective cleanser to remove make-up, dirt and skin blockages caused by a build-up of sebum in the pores. Always remember to remove make-up at night before you go to sleep!

*      Avoid harsh treatment. Do not pull or stretch the skin. Be gentle when washing the face and using skin care products. Blood vessels are very near to the surface of the skin and can become damaged quite easily. Avoid using perfumed products on facial skin. Also, apply eye –creams lightly with the ring finger!.

*      Avoid smoking! Cigarettes reduce the necessary nutrients and oxygen required for a healthy skin and cause a dull, lifeless looking skin. Smoking activates harmful free radicals and weakens collagen and elastin fibres , causing premature wrinkling of the skin.

*      Keep alcohol intake to a minimum as it dehydrates the skin!

Hope you found this post useful!

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team xoxo

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