Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Look!

Hi All!

So as you may have noticed we have changed our blog layout!! It took quite a while but we managed to get it looking brand new after a day's work!

After we finished our blog we decided to do a Halloween Look for you! We haven't done a FOTD in a long time so we decided to do this look for you!

So basically we went a bit crazy with the glitter since we wanted a vampy fairy-ish look so I applied this look on Denise I basically did glitter all over her eyelid then stuck on sequins at one side of her face and a design on the other side of her face which i traced with the Jemma Kidd i-conic pencil in pinup which is a metallic dark blue and i added a few shadings in the curling part with the e.l.f shimmering eyeliner in twinkle teal to give that contrasting 3D effect.

Glitter Side

Design Side

We had a blast doing this look! So the products I used are:

Wet 'n Wild Foundation in Porcelain
e.l.f Studio HD Powder
Blue Glitter & Sequins
Jemma Kidd i-conic eyes in Pinup (under eyes and design)
e.l.f  Shimmering Eyeliner in Twinkle Teal
e.l.f Hollywood Lashes
L'Oreal Face and Body Powder in Argent Silver
Missha Lipstick in Delight Red
e.l.f Lipgloss in Angel- to stick sequins and glue (NOTE: Eyelash glue is better to stick I used lipgloss since I applied and she put them off after photos were taken, one offs are ok but do not use these type of methods frequently!)

We hope you like the look as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!!!

Here are some more photos for you!!
Denise the Poser!

Front View of the look

Taken with flash!

Showing some love to my dog Titch!

Until next time!!

Martina & Denise
The Fabulous Team!