Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aphrodite's Temptations Haul!

Hi All!

I hope you had a lovely day!!

So as you might know or not know I am a bit of an earrings' addict!! I have around 50+ pairs (probably have more but I have so many that just trying to count them now was quite difficult ( I have a whole set up where all my earrings are hung onto pieces of wood stuck onto the wall)

Anyways this is not an earring collection post (but I will do one if you want!) but a haul from Aphrodite's Temptations!

Aphrodite's Temptations is owned by the lovely Annette who sells really original jewellery on face book!

My story starts here I had liked the face book page a while ago and a few days ago Annette posted that she had the last pair of a set of earrings. I commented on the photo and bam the earrings were mine!!!

These are the earrings I bought:

The adorable packaging!

The Earrings!

Me with the earrings! 

A few days after I decided to buy another pair of earrings which are slightly larger than my previous pair so I bought the following pair:
Earrings Set 2, they also came in the cute packaging!

Me with the earrings!

Front view!

The second pair of earrings is still available for sale from here!

Please note I had come from work and took these photos so I am not looking my best hehe!

I hope you liked this haul!! Go show Annette some love on her face book page: Aphrodite's Temptations

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o.b.o The Fabulous Team!


  1. Lovely earrings Mar! Yes please, do the collection post lol!!!

  2. thanks lar!! ok I will have a post planned but will try to do the collection too :-) Martina