Monday, December 5, 2011

Active Cosmetics Haul (Gift)!

Hey all!

As you may or may not know I graduated last week :-D and I wanted to share one of the gifts I received which is beauty related with you!

It's a set of make up from a company called Active Cosmetics. It came in a big box seen below which contained a bag (which can be used as a hand bag), a blush and shadow palette, lip gloss palette, bronzer, 3 lipstick, 3 brushes, 2 lip pencils, 2 eyeliners and mascara.

The Bag/ Handbag

This is the bag that came with the kit which I now use as a handbag for work. I absolutely LOVE this bag since its quite a neat bag whilst being really spacious.

Make Up

All the make up included in the bag



2 blushes and shadow palette


Lip glosses

2 lip liners and an eyeliner


As you can see all the make up products are based on neutral colours mostly browns and mauves which is perfect for the winter! 

I hope you liked this haul! If you would like me to review any of the products please comment below!

Until next time!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team

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