Monday, December 5, 2011

Milan Haul (Kiko, H & M, Tezenis, Pimkie and OVS)

Hello everyone!!

OMG, The weather today is awesome!! We have something new today.... our first Youtube vid!! I hope all of you like it!! I had fun filming it, and others will follow for sure.

I am wearing a scarf from Bershka (France)

Things in this vid:

- 2 eyeshadows (KIKO cosmetics)
- Concealer (KIKO cosmetics)
- 2 lipsticks (KIKO cosmetics)
- 2 Kajal eyeliner pencils
- Body lotion (H&M)
- Mini manicure kit (H&M)
- Hello Kitty lipgloss (H&M)
- I don't know what this is called...please tell me if you do .... I call them ear warmers haha :):)
- Jacket (Pimkie)
- underwear (Tezenis)
- Brown leggings (Tezenis)

That's all for now! :):)

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team

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