Thursday, December 1, 2011

Essence single eye shadows review (and swatches)

Essence single eye shadows review (and swatches)

Hello again!

2 posts in today ! hehe This will be another review J

I will be reviewing 2 Essence single eye shadows. I absolutely love eyeshadows!! Especially greens and browns!

I will be reviewing 3 Essence single eye shadows. 2 are in metallic effect and 1 is in sparkling.

I love Essence products (and their facial wipes are amazing!! – review to follow). Who wouldn’t, for their price and quality??

Single eye shadows come in a clear plastic container and has 2.5g of product. Total eyeshadow diameter is 3.5cm (it’s quite big).

  • Metropolitan (06) – sparkling effect
This one has a nice flowery design on the eye shadow product itself (although mine is broken LL )
It has green and gold glitters. It's brown/bronze.
This is really pigmented. You get a nice colour with a light sweep.

  • Hippie Flair (12) – metallic
This once has essence written all over it.
It’s super pigmented. It's an aqua marine blue.
This is my favorite among all 3 of them!

  • Super Babe (18) – metallic
This once has essence written all over it as well.
This one is not so pigmented. You need to swipe more and harder on the product to get a nice colour. But once you get the desired amount, it’s amazing <3 It's a really nice dark green.

From left to right : Super babe, Metropolitan and Hippie Flair

I prefer the metallic ones more than the sparkling. Which do you guys prefer?? Do you have any single ey eshadows by essence? What do you think of them ? Please share!

That’s all for today!!

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team xox

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