Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rimmel 60 seconds (605 – Purple Reign) review

Rimmel 60 seconds (605 – Purple Reign) review

Hello everyone!! JJ 

I work with my, uncles, aunt and cousins. . . but at the office, it’s me, my sister and aunt. A lot of them went to Milan today . . so It will be a little quieter than usual here . .   at least it’s a nice day!! Not like it was on Tuesday… I don’t like rain!! 

Well anyway . . today, I’m reviewing a nail polish by Rimmel. I don’t actually have it on now. Today, I’m giving my nails a rest, and applied a nail hardener instead.

This one is smaller than their other line of nail polishes.

What is says on the product:
One coat nail polish 1 stroke Xpress brush for 1 second application. Dries in less than 60 seconds. Flammable.

When you look at the tube, you can see some silver and looks like there are silver and pink glitters, but there are definitely no glitters. You kind of notice them if you really look at the nail polish  on the nail.

The brush is a bit larger than any others, which I absolutely love! It really takes you a second to apply it to your nails. Really convenient, and you don’t need to apply a lot of coats to cover the nail. . so no mess! It’s easy for beginners or for who isn’t very good at applying nail polish.

It’s true to their word; dries in a minute!! (if you apply 2 thin coats, and wait some time after the 1st coat)

The first coat isn’t very pigmented, by the second coat, the colour totally changes, i.e becomes really pigmented!

What I didn.t like is the durability. The colour was chipping after a couple of hours . . LL I only had a base coat on, so maybe that’s why..?

What do you think about Rimmel nail polishes?? Please comment below! JJ

Have a nice day !!

Denise o.b.o The fabulous Team XOX


  1. I had a dark red colour from that range (forgot the name and number). I was extremely disappointed with the fact that I couldn't so much as pick up a piece of paper or leaf through a book without smearing the pages all in red every time my nails brushed against a page. It was horrid. :/

  2. Hey Cherise. I really didn't have that problem!! Although I do have it with Revlon nailpolishes sometimes. . . . Mine really dried quickly and didn't smudge AT ALL!! Maybe you should try applying thinner coats? Just a sugggestionj ;)