Monday, November 28, 2011

Collective elf Haul!!!!!

Hey all!!

As you may know from our links on facebook, Denise and I decided to indulge in the Mystery Gift Box promotion beauty baron (+ elf) were having! We have decided to do a collective haul since we each got some stuff thanks to this promotion!

Martina's Haul

I decided to splurge a little on make up this month since 1 All of my favourite products hit pan, 2 I have my graduation in a few days (excited!!!!)

So I opted to order 3 seperate orders in order to get 3 Mystery Boxes, unfortunately Beauty Baron had another offer going on, if you got a sticker on your mystery box you're entitled to another free gift, unfortunately none of my mystery boxes included a sticker :-(

I received 3 orders together and the other order two days after.

First two orders!!!

The first order I opened included the Daily Brush Cleaner (which I re-ordered) and the new Make Up Lock and Set and Mascara Primer + Mystery Box Number 1!

Second Order I opened which included 2 Make Up Mist and Set (one re ordered and another one for my bf's mum), Cream Eyeliner in Black (re order) and All over covering stick in Honey (re order but different colour since they didn't have Rosy Beige (fyi tried it and it matched with my skin tone)) + Mystery Box Number 2!

After two days of waiting Order number 3 arrived!!!!!

This order included all new products since I wanted to try new things, the HD powder is the only reorder in this order. So I ordered the tone correcting concealer in Rosy beige, the new lengthening and defining mascara, and two natural radiance blushers one in shy and the other in coy + Mystery Box number 3!

On to the part I know you all have been waiting for, the Mystery Boxes!!

Mystery Box Number 1

I received the New Beauty Book the Natural Eye edition and three nail polishes in Twinkle, Glitter Glam and Smoky Brown. I loved this Mystery box not only since I love the Beauty encyclopedias/ books but because the only product I had was Smoky Brown!

Mystery Box Number 2

The second Mystery Box included a Beauty Book, the Smoky eye edition, the new Smudge Brush, Nail file kit and a nail polish in Golden Goddess. This is probably my favourite out of all the three Mystery boxes since there is a diversity of products plus I only have the Golden Goddess Nail polish.

Last but not least Mystery Box Number 3

Funnily enough this mystery box is identical to the one my friend Lara received! It includes two nail polishes one in Smoky Brown and Twinkle which are doubles since I received them in the other Mystery Boxes and I already had Smoky brown, a mineral eyeshadow in outdoorsy (I LOVE IT and I usually hate green eyeshadow) and a bamboo lip brush!

This is my whole order including the Mystery Boxes (sorry for the whole mess in the background!)

I hope you liked my part of the haul! If you would like me to review something please comment below! Also, please tell me if you liked the photo resolution since I took all the photos with my new phone!

Denise's Haul:

I made 2 orders, but only received one of them :(:(   I've been sending e-mails to E.L.F. Let's just hope they will send my lost order (and the mystery box). It's NO FAIR!! I'm so disappointed that it's been lost. I know it's not E.L.F's fault... but still .. . I feel like a cry baby haha

Anyways. This order was quite small. I bought a mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry, which I absolutely LOVE, and the new mineral Personal Blend foundation in Medium. The product comes out little by little . . so of course, takes ages to apply full face. . .

Personal Blend foundation

Swatches of the Mineral personal blend in medium

Mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry

I was so not happy with the things in the mystery box.... They sent 3 nail polishes (2 I already had..) Smoky brown, Twinke and Glitter Glam and a bamboo concealer brush. As I'm not a mineral concealer fan, I won't be using this one. . Here's a pic:

The smoky brown nail polish is my own..because I gave the one I received to a friend that was with me when I open the parcel . .

Let's just hope E.L.F will re-send me the other order... plus the mystery box. Fingers crossed ;)

We hope you enjoyed this post!!

Martina & Denise

The Fabulous Team!


  1. Love this...So glad I found your blog.

  2. Lovely haul girls :) Denise, when you have time, can you please swatch the mineral lipstick? Thanks in advance :) xx

  3. oh thank you for swatching the foundation I've been waiting for swatches :D Yay thanks hunny xx

  4. Yokasta : Thanks :):)
    Lara: posted ;)
    Dyna : welcome!! ;)