Wednesday, November 23, 2011

E.L.F nail polishes review - Mango Madness, Blush and Smoky Brown and NOFD

Hello there!!

What a nice sunny day!! The weather today inspired my Nail Of The Day ! Will show you a picture at the end of this post.

Now off to the review and swatches:

From Left to right : Smoky Brown, Blush and Mango Madness

This one is really pigmented!! But for a better colour, I still apply a second coat.

This one is not very pigmented. I only put 2 coats on the picture, but I would probably put a 3rd coat next time. .

Altough the 1st coat is not pigmented, by the 2nd coat, the colour is totally transformed!!

Basically, I LOVE E.L.F nail polishes. They dry in a couple of minutes, the texture is perfect - not too thick and not too thin plus it doesn't chip after 5 minutes (like some nail polishes do . . )

Off to the NOFD:

2 coats of E.LF Mango Madness and 1 thick coat of Valentina glitter polish

That's all for now!

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX


  1. I have smokey brown and mango madness, too. I LOVE smokey brown for this season, is great color!
    I wear mango madness at summer but I'm not that satisfied. The color is really nice, but the quality no so. I don't know if it is just mine but the brush is thinner than it is at the rest of elf nail polishes I have, and that makes it difficult to apply.

  2. Very Pretty :)

    Mary from

  3. Lila, I don't have the same problem with Mango Madness. The brush is just fine, like the others. But I now have an issue with the cap . . :(