Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey Guys!!

As you might have read from one of my previous posts I am officially a graduate in Management!!

It was so exciting wearing the Toga and having my hair all neat and going up and getting my degree after four years of hard work!!! I wanted to do this post to share some photos of my special day with you :-)

My first graduation celebration kicked off with my boyfriend's brother graduating! This is the dress I wore which my boyfriend had bought for me as a present last summer from esprit and I paired it with a terranova blazer

First off, my graduation preparations started with my nails! My friend and creator of Every Beauty Addict's Bible  the lovely Lara did my nails!! (photos all courtesy of Lara)

My mobile cover is just a coincidence 

My design was a french manicure with flowers and dragon flies with a light blue tail and light blue gem to match my sash

I had quite a busy week with graduation celebrations! First off I went to collect my make up diploma so I decided to take a photo with my toga holding my first diploma of the week!

On the day of the graduation I spent most of the day with funny looking hair since I had to keep it up as much as possible so my curls stay put!

Looking funny worked because the final result was..........

Unfortunately I was in such a hurry that I didn't have time to take a close up of my make up! I basically did it very natural make up mostly on pinks and dark purple with a hint of light blue and I stuck with natural pink tones for lips and cheeks!

Sorry for the blurry photo! This is me receiving my degree :-D

So, my graduation was very special for me because not only did my hard work pay off but my boyfriend and I actually graduated together so it was extra special for me, these are a few pics we took together :-)

Yes I'm a shorty hehe!

Other Miscellaneous Photos!

My boyfriend is a huge Simpsons fan so I had bought this Homer Simpson soft toy and my very creative mother did this toga and hat!!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed compiling it because last week was very special to me and it will be a week which I will keep close to my heart!

Congrats to all GRADS!!!!

Until next time!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. OOOO you looked stunning pupa :) thanks for giving me credit for your nails :) glad you liked them so much! xx

  2. Congrats! Lara did a really great job. And Homer looks adorable with the toga hehe x

  3. thanks lar and gertrude! ovja lar you did a great job so u deserve a shout out!!! :-D

  4. Congrats :) I just discovered ur interesting blog :)) u have a new maltese blogger following ;D x x