Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treatment for oily hair

Hello lovelies :):)

So today, I'm going to post about something I randomly found You Tube (see vid above)  while looking for something to do for my oily scalp.
I have been suffering from an oily scalp only these last couple of years. So now, I have an oily scalp AND dry hair. Nice ... NOT!!
It's so annoying when after just 1 day of washing your hair, my scalp starts getting oily  :(

Now, the lady talking in the vid is so annoying! Like she is preaching the gospel or something . . So if you don't want to listen to ''there are no excuses'' chitter chatter, just jump to 6:06, where she starts explaining what to do.

Bacically, you need to combine 1/2 cup of original Listerine mouth wash (no idea why...) and 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a plastic bottle and apply to scalp when hair is wet. I already have apple cider vinegar, s I just had to buy the Listerine.

Check out this site to read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar:

I don't think you will see any difference (if any) after the 1st time , so I plan on doing this once a week till I give up. Hopefully it will work. Will keep you guys updated whether it works or not  :):)

That's all for now!! Please let m know what you do if you have an oily scalp like moi!  

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous team XOX


  1. Forget the Listerine!
    Its the Apple Cider Vinegar that does the real magic.

    I have very fine hair, and somewhat dry. I used all kind of shampoos and treatments on the market. My hair was a total loss... I was almost going to shave it all away.

    Today I am happy with the condition of my hair. I started washing my hair EVERY DAY with plain water, and rinsing it with a mixture of 500ml of water and a teaspoon of Apple Cider. You can't use any apple cider. You have to find one that contains the MOTHER pulp. Filtered Apple Cider has no effect, so don't waste your money.

    WARNING! The first few weeks will be a TOTAL MESS! Your hair will be like a drug addict with withdrawal symptoms! After all those years pumping SLS poison and all kind of malicious chemicals on your hair, it's only natural that this will happen. After a month or two, you will get back your natural hair, like it was when you were born.

  2. Ohh will try that as well ! Will check if the apple cider vinegar has mother pulp. Hope it does.

    What does your hair smell like after washing it with just water and apple cider vinegar?

  3. I only found 2 brands locally that have the pulp. One is by Biona (green glass bottle) and one is by Rinatura (German brand, plastic bottle). They just cost around €2.80 and last months!

    As soon as hair dries up, the Cider smell goes away, and hair has a natural smell. Some people rinse again with water after putting Apple Cider on, but I found this to have no effect in my case.

    I also use 2 drops of essential oils to help hair loss (I alternate between Ylang Ylang and Rosemary), so this helps a bit to have some kind of fragrance.

    After 3 months on this hair-diet I went from loosing a handful of hair, to just 10-15 hairs with every wash :)

  4. where do you buy your apple ciders pls? you are from Malta, right I guess?

  5. You can easily find Biona from most health shops. I get them from either Health Plus in Parish street Hamrun near Queens, Health Shop in Main street Hamrun near the church, or Shanti in Mosta.

    I think only Health Plus have Rinatura, but I might be wrong.

    If you manage to find other brands with mother pulp, let me know please!

  6. hi another questions pls. First of all, I found Biona cider vinegar from Nutrition Empire in Zabbar.Do you rinse your hair with water afterwards? do you apply conditioner for de-tangling etc?

  7. I just wash my hair with water, use the cider vinegar solution diluted in water, and just dry my hair. that works great for me.
    I don't use shampoos, gels, serums or other hazardous & useless products.

    different hair types would need different solutions. unfortunately you have to find this by trial and error.

    you can check out this link for more options and information:

    after trying all possible solutions on the market, i settled for the cider solution. checking my hair under the microscope, my hair went from this condition to this in a matter of 4 months

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