Wednesday, January 25, 2012

True to it's Name?! Tried & Tested: Essence Stay all Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow 01 Coppy Right

Hi Guys!

Welcome to our new review section! More information in the video shown below!!

Today I am going to review the Essence Stay all Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 01 Coppy Right!

So the product comes in a clear jar which contains 0.19oz/ 5.5 g of product.

I really like the packaging since it shows you the colour of the product plus I really like the print on it :-)

As you can see the product looks creamy and a little powdery and the pay off is exactly how you see the product in the jar.

The photo on the left is taken with flash whilst the other photo is taken under White light.

As you can see it is a lovely coppery with gold undertones colour and goes on very smoothly and dries with a powdery finish so although it's a cream eyeshadow, it's payoff comes off like a glossy eyeshadow.

True to it's Name?!

Now for the biggest test of all: Staying Power! See the following video for the test:

Photo taken in the morning in Natural Light

Photo taken after a day in white light

So all in all this product is:
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful colour
  • Has AWESOME staying power!
Would I purchase it again? Heck yeah!!

Hope you liked this review!!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team xoxo


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