Saturday, January 28, 2012

Essence Haul + Guess who we met?? :)

Hi Guys,

Guess who we met up with to go shopping??? Curious... See this video.. (p.s I look like crap no make up= scary Martina hehe)

Yes LARA from Boffism!! Who FYI is awesommeee we had so much fun shopping with her!!


We went to Tony's Pharmacy in Gzira which for all you Maltese ladies has the biggest Essence stand and we hogged their stand!!

They were so nice that they gave us a free gift which is not shown in the video since my iPhone died :-/

These are the gifts that they gave us:

This cute transparent pink bag filled with,

Essence Sleeping Mask
Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Dazzling Denim
Essence Lace Nail stickers

Hope you liked this post!!!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team xoxo

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  1. cute haul girls! loved the vid! i have to go to Tony's asap!!!!!