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The Fabulous Team at Runway Malta: The New Designers Fashionclash competition

Hi Guys!

Today we are going to share with you inside looks at Make Up designs of the New Designers Fashion clash competition!

As you know from our previous post the Fabulous Karen Schembri Grima designed and applied the make up for these up and coming designers!

First off, check out this video show casing the make up of each designer on the runway!(kindly click on the link ;))
Ewa Nowacka

The make up designed for Ewa Nowacka's collection was very subtle and natural.

Karen designed the following Make Up look for the designer's collection.

Light foundation was used on the models to give that porcelain/ natural look to match the fantasy feel the collection had.

The cheek bones were accented with a very light blush (by Illamasqua), a shade which in our opinion complemented the collection beautifully!

The eye make up was kept very natural therefore, beige eye shadow was used to highlight the brow and on the eyelids whilst a brown eyeliner set with a brown eye shadow was used to line the eyes.
Brows and eye lashes were concealed with concealer.

The lips were portraying one of Spring's make up trends that is Wine stained lips! (To get the same lip effect, Karen used Vaseline, Bourjous No. 18 and lipgloss)

Since Ewa's collection was fantasy- inspired, models had this white paint applied to their hand, unfortunately we do not have it recorded.

This is one of the pictures that we have taken of one of the model's who has a mask over her eyes.

Enrique Tabone

Enrique Tabone's collection was very elegant with bold pieces and the make up and hair were very bold to match this collection.

Unfortunately we do not have any photos of the make up designs.

The look was very bronzed, which is also one of Spring's Make Up trends, models sported a sun-kissed face, where cheek bones were contoured to create lovely hollow cheeks.

Another Spring trend which was also featured in Enrique Tabone's collection is the winged eyeliner. A heavy black winged eyeliner was used on the models' eyes which was lined all over the eye ending at a point at the inner corner of the eye.

Lips were kept natural with a nudeish brown lipstick.

This particular model seen below had her hair teased and styled in a trendy messy up do.

Nicole Cuschieri

Nicole Cuschieri's collection was the most interesting since each design had their own make up entitled to them!

The Thorned Model

This Make up was very subtle since the main focus was the head piece the model was wearing. This design was called the Thorned model since she had her hands tied in "thorns".

Pale foundation was used on the face and set with powder whilst no blush was used on the face.

The eyes were very light, whereby a light eye shadow was applied to keep that subtle look. Eyebrows were enhanced with powder and eye lashes were covered with a light eye shadow by derma. 

Lips were natural since no lipstick was applied on the model.

Red Flowered Dress

A light foundations was used on the face which was set with powder whilst the cheeks were brushed with a light peach blush by Phas.

No eye make up was used especially since the model had square glasses on.

The lips were spotting once again one of Spring's biggest make up trends... Red Lips, Karen used Bourjous no. 19- Carmen.

The Caged Dress

This make up design is the most elaborate of all the make up designs! The face had a pale foundation all over, however, it was contoured with a dark foundation/concealer to accent the cheek bones.

Eyes were also contoured therefore, a light eye shadow applied on the eye lid and to highlight the brow. The crease was contoured with a dark concealer. Brows and Lashes were also concealed with concealer.

Lips were sporting a Blood Red colour which was Bourjous No. 19- Carmen.

Geneva Corlett

This collection didn't have much make up except for a flawless face and a corally lip applied to the models since two of the models had glasses on.

The hair was sleeked back in a neat bun as shown below

One of the models had a very deep black smoky eye together with a flawless face.

 Celeste (Martina Spiteri)

Celeste's make up designs consisted of Blue smoky eyes (light blue and a darker blue for the two blue dresses) whilst the model wearing the purple and yellow ensemble had a golden/yellow eye shadow with hints of purple whilst lips and cheeks were kept very natural.

The hair design for this collection was absolutely stunning! It was a lovely braid up do which reminded me of the Edwardian era.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

A BIG thank you to Karen for providing us with her Make Up Designs!

The Fabulous Team xoxo

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