Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fabulous Focus: Yana's Jewellery

Hi Guys!!

I hope you are all well!! 

Today we will be focusing on an up and coming custom jewellery designer Yana who has created Yana's Jewellery!

Yana has been creating unique custom made pieces which are very feminine and stylish which are suitable for every occassion. What I really like about Yana's designs are the range of vibrant colours she uses and combines together! The following are a few pieces which caught my eye!

A gold chain with ribbon bracelet
An elegant necklace with silver, blue and navy pearls and beads
A lovely pair of feather earrings which are great for summer and can  give  you a pop of colour in the winter!
I have purchased a lovely gold chain choker  with a royal blue ribbon. I absolutely fell in love with this necklace from the moment I laid my eyes on it on Yana's Facebook Page!! 

My colleague also bought a ring with a number of colourful vibrant stones!

I hope you enjoyed this post! For more information on Yana's Jewellery, visit her facebook page HERE.

Martina o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. I agree, she's really talented!! If you haven't liked her Facebook page I advise you to do so, there are even more stylish jewellery pieces!

  2. It's overwhelming! It's really great talent! I loved above all the jewelries. I love gemstone beads jewelries too much and would love to have the same above necklace and bracelet which would be great match with my existing beads, please see here and hope to do so. Thanks indeed for sharing this beautiful post.