Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tried & Tested: Pupa Vamp Mascara

Hi Guys!!

I hope you are all well!! I am very sorry for my lack of posts lately however I have been very busy with other commitments that I did not have time to blog, apart from which I was involved in a tiny accident and couldn't use the computer since I was slightly injured.

Today I would like to review the Pupa Vamp Mascara which was sent to me by Pupa Milano Malta!

At first I was not sure how I could pull off blue mascara however I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that although it is blue its is not an 'in your face'/ over the top mascara and could be easily pulled off.

The mascara is presented in a sleek silver tube and promises thick full lashes! The mascara's brush is a thin brush which is designed to have a lengthening effect.

I have tested this mascara by just applying one coat and I was pleasantly surprised by the results, my lashes, looked more voluminous and longer as you can see in the below picture.

This mascara also promises an incredible hold and no smudging. I tried out this by wearing this mascara for a night out and was presently surprised that it stayed on very well, with the blue tint still looking as though I had just applied it. With regards to smudging, bear in mind that it is very hot here in Malta and I am a person who has very oily eyelids, surprisingly this mascara did not smudge on me!

Left: Pupa Vamp Mascara, Right: No Mascara
As you can note from the above photo, the Pupa Vamp Mascara, with just one coat managed to give me fuller lashes than without any mascara, apart from that the blue is quite wearable and brought my eyes out!

I decided to experiment a bit and applied a Catrice Black Mascara and added the Pupa Vamp Mascara at the tips of the eyelashes, the result? ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! If you do not want to go full out blue it really brings out something special in the lashes as you can see below!

Left: Pupa Vamp Mascara on it's own, Right: Catrice Giant Mascara + Pupa  Vamp Mascara  on the tip of the lashes
Left: Pupa Vamp Mascara on it's own, Right: Catrice Giant Mascara + Pupa  Vamp Mascara  on the tip of the lashes 

The Verdict: I absolutely loved this Mascara and I will be definitely purchasing the black version of this mascara! The only downfall with this Mascara is that you can't always wear the blue mascara however I encourage you to try out just adding it on your tips if you are not ready to go full out blue!

Left: Pupa Vamp Mascara, Right: Catrice Giant Mascara + Pupa Vamp Mascara on the tips
Hope you enjoyed this post!!

o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOXO

*Disclaimer*- I was sent this product free of charge, however I was NOT paid to do this review! This review is my true and honest opinion.


  1. looks great!

    will be definitely trying out the black version of it!!

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on it too!