Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fabulous Reviews : Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow

Good morning Fabulous Readers!

This is my new favourite lipstick!  It made my lips look like what I call ''Sleeping Beauty'' lips. You might be thinking what the hell, but yeah, that's what I thought the second time I tried it out.

The first time I did, I applied just 1 coat and it barely showed. The second time I tried it out, I piled on the coats and got a surprise.. my lips looked so so full and I just loved the rosy tint that it gave me.

Top lip : without lipstick, bottom lip: with Catrice Ultimate Glow

It looks so pink in the above picture, but in reality, it looks much more natural. It looks and feels much more natural after some time you apply it. It feels like a lip balm on the lips.

The packaging is the first thing that attracted it to me! I just love all that pink and I thought to myself, the lipstick must be gorgeous. I was quite shocked when I saw the bright orange, jelly-like lipstick. 

When swatched, it looks really sheer, almost invisible.

 I'm a bit disappointed by the plastic-y smell. Thankfully, once applied to the lips, there's no smell - phew!  Would have like it if it smelled like roses though.

The tint lasts for about an hour, but my lips still looks a bit rosy even hours after!

This one is a a must buy!

me wearing this lipstick

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX

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