Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabulous Reviews: Garnier Miracle BB cream Skin Perfector

Good afternoon Fabulous readers!!

Today, I will be reviewing the Garnier Skin Perfector BB cream. When I bought this, I was actually looking for the Maybelline one (BB cream), which I think is not for sale here in Malta yet.

So, first of all, BB stands for Blemish Balm and it's an all-in-one product because it's a primer, tinted moisturiser and also a sunblock (this one is SPF 15). Some BB creams are also anti-wrinkle, whitening and treat acne.
They originated in South Korea but are so much more popular now in the West. Popular brands lilke Dior and Clinique are also making their own BB creams! Interesting . .  So I went out on the lookout for an affordable one. 

The Garnier one came in a box and it has 50 ml of product.

You can either buy it in Medium to light or dark and costs about EUR 10.98

It actually looks darker than this

When blended, it adapts to the skin and gives a glowy look

The first thing I noticed is that is smells a bit like sunscreen. It has a thick consistency  and I'm glad I got the medium to light one as it looked dark but then when you blend it, it adapts to your skin.

I don't have any pimple scars at the moment thank God, but It really did improve the redness around me nose. I would still need a concealer for my terrible under eye circles though . .
With no make-up
With Garnier BB cream

Ok, so my skin doesn't exactly look like a child's, as it said, but hey - I wasn't really expecting it  ;)

When applied to the skin, I felt like it had a cooling effect on my skin.

I am a bit disappointed that it's only SPF 15. I would have preferred if it was an SPF 30.. I don't wear it to the beach as I feel it slides off really easily, but it's perfect for the office.

Some beauty bloggers that reviewed this product were disappointed because they thought it was oily, but I disagree. It's not matt, it just gives a healthy glow. I would suggest the oily to combination version of this product to people with oily skin though.

This will definitely be a re-purchase, though I think I would try the the one for oily to combination skin just to try it out.

Have you guys tried any BB creams yet?  I also want to try an Asian brand next time.

I really want to read your feedback!

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOXO

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  1. I suggest you try the oily/combination version - to me it was a great surprise, it has little to do with this one, and it's much better, imho :)