Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fabulous Events: New Look Wet and Wild A/W Collection Launch

Hey Guys!!

We are so excited to share this with you!!

We were invited to New Look's Wet and Wild A/W Collection yesterday and we had a blast!!! You can see our vlogs to and from the event!

Us at the event!


We absolutely LOVED everything but the following are the pieces that really caught our eyes!

We saw everything from transparent tops to knitted jumpers to coloured trousers and shorts to peplum pieces to leather pieces and accents!!

We loved the transparent pink top and the shiny shorts! We also loved the shoes however you will hear more about them below.

These patterned trousers were something out of the ordinary so we really loved them! We loved the slit at the bottom since it gave it a little edge! We also loved the bag!

We loved this glittery gray/black pencil skirt!! Very festive!

We loved the embellished top and the fabulous leather jacket!
This transparent shirt with a leather accent collar was simply stunning!! 

We love this fitted black dress especially for the cute embellished neckline!

This leather dress caught our eye especially for the strap detail!

This outfit was a hit on the whole, the shiny trousers were so awesome however you have to be very skinny to pull them off! We loved the top and the detail of the collar was something which caught our eye!

We loved the shape and style of this dress, the embellished Peter Pan collar is Amaaazing!
We loved the knitted black and white jumper and the awesome purple trousers!

This item is a definite must have for us!! The print is awesome and the shape of the jumper is really edgy!

We LOVED this outfit, the printed black and white jumper was a hit with us and it looked awesome with the deep red leather shorts!

We loved this polka dot transparent shirt with the white collar and the maroon blazer.

Shoes and Accessories

In the shoes and accessories department, we saw a lot of pointed toes, suede and studs!

These pink pointed black pumps are absolutely gorgeous and the heel isn't very high so that's a plus!

We loved these suede pumps, not only because of the straps but because of the thick heel!

We loved these suede maroon pumps! Especially loved the darker maroon on the heel!

These pumps are very similar to the pink with black pumps however they are black with a silver point. They look a little more pointed than the pink pumps.

We loved these outfits completely however they made our accessories list because we fell in love with that AWESOME statement necklace which came in maroon and black!

We loved the shoes with the studded platform and the quilted studded bag... gorgeous!!

These awesome wedges are to die for!! We loved the clutch also. Apart from that the colour of the jacket is awesome and the patterned shorts are adorable!

Wedged Booties.. need we say more??
We loved these embossed heels which came in maroon and royal blue!

Furry hats also made an appearance, however a number of hats were shown in the men's collection and this was the only hat shown in the women's collection!

We loved these taupe ankle boots! I can definitely see them in my shoe collection very soon ;)

These ballet pumps were the only flat shoes shown in the collection, we liked them since they are a lovely royal blue colour and they have cute bows on the front.

The whole collection was awesome, if you would like to see the Men's collection, check out our facebook page.

The entertainment were none other than Red Electrick! An awesome Maltese band!

We would like to thank New Look for inviting us to the event and thank you for these awesome goodie bags!

We hope you enjoyed this post, we are off shopping :-p

The Fabulous Team XOXO

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  1. Gorgeous post! Loved everything from what you photographed, was hoping you would post about it soon! Love it :D xxxx
    Need to go shopping at New Look tigne ASAP :D