Monday, September 17, 2012

September Haul!

Hey Guys!!

I hope you are all well!!

Today I will be sharing with you what I have purchased/ received this month!

Nuvole were having an everything at 5 euro sale so I went to check it out and I found some lovely tops! 

Flowy asymmetrical top 
Black Top
Royal Blue Satin Military Inspired Top with a Peter Pan Collar
Royal Blue Flowy Top
Bata were also having a warehouse sale in Gozo so when I had the opportunity to visit Malta's sister island I went dashing to the warehouse sale and picked up these Cream Heels!

I also went shopping for a present and I saw these babies!! As you know I am an earrings addict so I had to pick them up!!

The last few things were things that were given to me!
A late Birthday present from my dear friend Maria!! 
Another late Birthday Present from Maria- It was like she knew what I wanted these past few weeks because I was thinking of buying a statement necklace!
Last but not least, my latest look on Lookbook, a floral playsuit from Jane Norman which my brother's girlfriend gave me :-)
Hope you liked this post!!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team!


  1. Love the playsuit Mar!!! I have the same snake necklace too :)

  2. love the first two and fourth top! have a Sales haul coming soon! There were definitely some great finds in the sales!

  3. thanks Lara!! I wore the neckalce to work this week and it really made my outfit!

    @ kelina- Thanks im mostly wearing them to work! Great can't wait to see it!