Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fabulous Sales: Jane Norman and Oasis

Hi Guys!

I have another Warehouse sale alert for you!

It seems as though some big brands decided to have Warehouse sales this month and knowing me, I am such a sucker for a good bargain, I had to lift my spending brakes and make an exception!

So this warehouse sale included a number of items marked down 50% or more including Jane Norman and Oasis clothes.

The sale started last Monday and I am quite confused as to when it will end since the Sales Girl told me it will end on Sunday 25th whilst the Facebook page is claiming it will end on Sunday 18th November. There also should be new stock today, Saturday 17th November too!

One thing I realized is that the Jane Norman things were a tinsy bit cheaper than the Oasis things. One thing I need to suggest to you, if you see that the price is still quite close to the original price, ask how much it is since some prices are further reduced!

The warehouse sale is located next to Galleria Fgura and next to a shoe store. It is quite a big area and there are two quite big changing rooms however the changing room I went into had a really tiny mirror so it was a bit uncomfortable to see how I look with the things. Another thing, there was no where to hang up my clothes.

So I got quite a few items and I only spent 58 euro, I was quite surprised when I was told the price since it was very below the budget I went in with!! :-D

Jane Norman Jade Studded Collar Sleeveless Chiffon Shirt 
Jane Norman Mint Studded Collar Sleeveless Chiffon Shirt
Jane Norman Floral Print Top
Jane Norman White Sleeveless Chiffon Shirt with a lace detail on the shoulder
Jane Norman Gold HUGE Envelope Clutch Bag

I really advise you to visit this warehouse sale since you can really do a good bargain and although I didn't buy a dress myself, there are a lot of lovely dresses which are at 50% off!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team!

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