Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tried and Tested: Pupa Milano Limited Edition Deco Collection!

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A few days before Christmas we received a really sweet present from Pupa!!

We were sent two items from their new Limited Edition Make Up- Deco Collection! You may view more information about this Sparkle make up wonderland HERE!!

The items we were sent are the Diamond Eyeshadow Wet and Dry Gelee Compact Eyeshadow in 01 Gold Glitter Deco and Diamond Eyeliner in 03 Copper Glitter Deco.
Diamond Eyeliner in 03 Copper Glitter Deco and Diamond Eyeshadow in 01 Gold Glitter Deco
I have used both products for a lot of my Christmas occasions, however I have shared one particular look with you in my Christmas OOTD/ FOTD.
The eye shadow is a very lovely gold shimmer which you can apply both dry and wet, as it name suggests! I particularly liked this eye shadow since the gold can be worn during the day and will not look too sparkly however you can continue to layer the product or apply it wet to get a more defined gold eye! With regards to pigmentation, the eye shadow is fairly pigmented however it is slightly powdery but quite easy to work with. I really liked the geometric shape it is presented in and the original packaging it comes in, as I saw from their website is a gold round container with a peep hole showing you the colour of the eye shadow. In all there are four shades to choose from! There are a few of our fellow bloggers who have received the different colours so make sure to check them out! (The below swatches are on Denise's skin tone.)
Diamond Eyeshadow in 01 Gold Glitter Deco- Natural Light
Diamond Eyeshadow in 01 Gold Glitter Deco- Flash
This glitter eyeliner is by far my favourite of the two, I absolutely LOVE the gold and red together and it looks great on the eye! The applicator is a fine eyeliner brush and since the handle is just the right size it makes application very easy! The product itself is quite good however if you have sensitive eyes like me, you might experience a little burning however it quickly goes away! Like the eye shadow, this product comes in four colours! (Again, this swatch is on Denise)
Diamond Eyeliner in 03 Copper Glitter Eyeliner- Natural Light
Diamond Eyeliner in 03 Copper Glitter Eyeliner- Natural Light
Christmas Day is probably the longest I wore these two products, I wore them from around lunch time till around 10 pm and I was impressed that the make up remained in place the whole time, I had actually also posted a picture of my make up late afternoon on our Facebook Page!

In all, I really liked these products! Check out the Laras' swatches of their sister products: Every Beauty Addict's Bible and Boffism!

All products are in stores now!!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

*Disclaimer*- We were sent these products for free however we are not affiliated with the company. The above review is our true and honest opinion!

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