Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Healthy' snacks you shouldn't be eating!

Hi guys!

A food related post today. Are you like me, trying to lose some weight just in time for spring? The most difficult part for me is the hunger pangs that you get in between meals, as sometimes I reach for the not-so-good stuff and I'm not talking about the taste!

Worse still, a lot of snacks that appear to be diet-friendly are not even healthy, let alone being diet-friendly..!

Here are some of the worst offenders :

 1) Reduced-fat peanut butter

Enjoy the organic version !

Peanut butter has some good healthy fats, but eating too much is obviously bad for you (like any other thing), which is why many turn to reduced fat peanut butter, which is actually worse! Low fat opions contain more sugar and hydrogenated oils (the bad stuff)!! Go for organic ones which may be found at health shops. you can enjoy peanut butter with banana as a healthy pre-workout smoothie or with cracker breads.

2) Diet yoghurt

So many options .. 

A lot of people I know grab a diet yoghurt as a low calorie snack but beware! They contain artificial sweetners which sets your body up for a high calorie hit that if left unsatisfied, leaves you craving something sweet or fatty! Plus, if you're vegiterian, make sure to check the labels as a lot of yogurts contain gelatin. The calories you'l save are only about 40 calories if you have a diet yoghurt, so don't gunk up your system with more additives just to save a few calories!! Why not try plain yoghurt with chopped fruit instead? You can also sweeten it a but with a little agave syrup (found in health shops).

3) Granola/cereal bars

Home.made is best!
These include the ones by Special K and Alpen amongst others. I would skip these as some of them contain more sugar than a cocolate bar! If you don't have time to make them yourself, at least buy them from health shops as they have more healthy options and still make sure that they contain less than 5g of sugar and absolutely no high fructose corn syrup (actually avoid anything with High fructose corn syrup!!).

4) Banana Chips

Avoid , avoid, avoid!
While fresh abnanas are full of energy-boosting fruit sugars, banana chips are deep fried in coconut oil and a handful has more artery clogging saturated fats than 2 jam doughnuts! Avoid these at all costs and opt for dried fruit instead. My personal favourite are goji berries and mangoes!

5) Rice Cakes

Have fun with fruit!
 They usually contain an average of 60 calories each, plus they are void of any decent nutrient and some of them pack in extra sugar! If you really have to have them, make them more healthy by smearing on some organic almond or peanut butter and chop some fruit or hummus.You can also top them up with a little cottage cheese, lettuce and/or tomatoes.

6) Yoghurt coated nuts
Yummy, but not healthy AT ALL!

Nuts are great, but the coated ones are definitely not a good snack choice! The 'yoghurt' is actually just sugar and fat with a few 'yoghurt solids' thrown in. If you et a whole bag of them, you'll be getting about 5 teaspoons of sugar!  If you want some sweetness with nuts, just add a bit of raisins or any other dried fruit.

7) Smoothies or yoghurt drinks

Home-made is always best!
The typical yoghurt drink you'll find on grocery shelves contain about 40g of sugar! Grab an 'all natural' fruit smoothie and you will be drinking about 500 calories! My advice is to make your own! Simply put in some chopped fruit and you're good to go! My peronal favourites are bananas, apples, dates and oranges, not necessarily all together, and instead of milk, I add soya, almond, coconut or hazelnut milk!

Hope this helps!


Densie o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX