Monday, February 11, 2013

Part 1:Tips from Hollywood's best celebrity beauty entourages!

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Welcome to part 1 of the best tips by the top celebrity beauty, hair and make-up entourages!

- Do you have puny lashes ?

Nothing looks sexier than long curled lashes, but lashes often point straight up or down, explains Andrew Sotomayer, celebrity make-up artist. This can make them appear shorter than they actually are, so curl them upwards with an eyelash curler to make them look longer and also lifts the eyes. Having said that, invest in a good eye lash curler and a good mascara. They don't have to be expensive. Try different mascaras until you find the one that best works for you!

- Under eye circles ruining your look.. ?


Sotamayor also reveals that there is no perfect shade of concealer because according to him, you need 2 shades of concealer; first you need to apply a shade that matches your skin tone to neutralize the grey or brown under tone around the eyes, then layer a lighter concealer on top and carry it out across the cheek bone for a brighter more lifted look!

- Wanna say Hello to a brighter complexion ?

Rea Ann Silva, celebrity make-up artist and creator of Beauty blender sponge says that the solution to a sallow complexion is cream blush. A good way of applying cream blush is by first finding the apples of your cheeks by smiling, then, using a make-up sponge, apply a dab the blush, blending the colour upwards towards your temples until the edges are diffused.

- Avoid Back acne!

Celebrity beauty therapist Renee Rouleau's top tip for banishing back acne is by making sure your hair conditioner isn't leaving an oily residue on your bac.It's a little known cause of many outbreaks! She suggests putting your hair up after rinsing out your conditioner, and wash your back, shoulders and upper arms. She likes using an exfoliator body cloth with a gentle shower gel for this purpose. Guess you didn't know this, huh? Neither did I!

- Banish dry skin!

Many women suffering from dry skin might resort to thick, chemical laden creams to get a smoother complexion, but these formulas can irritate and sting. Instead, a better, more natural solution is organic virgin coconut oil, says VMV Hypoallergenics founder Dr. Vermen M.Verallo Lowell, which is an ingredietnt that provides water loss and contains fatty acids that are native to human ski, so it goes so far as to replace skin's lost natural oils. It can be applied on the face and body.

- Tired looking eyes ? Vitamin C to the rescue !

Sometimes I wonder how celebrities (almost) always look well rested no matter how busy they are. Yes, they do have personal make-up artists and a whole entourage around them and all, but Renee Rouleau suggests using an eye cream containing Vitamin C, which is shown to assist with capillary repair, constricting blood vessels under the eyes, therefore making dark circles appear less noticeable.

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  1. How long are you supposed to keep mascara? Does he talk about that?

  2. On the mascara you usually see a little container with a number in it, that is when it will expire, however after opening it, it's best to keep it for 3 months max since bacteria can develop. Also, a tip for you, don't pump the mascara since air can get trapped inside and clean the mascara wand regularly! Hope this helps :)