Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi Guys!

A you might have seen from my previous post, I started the HCG diet last Tuesday.

The first 2 days were loading days, so the 'real' diet started on Thursday. I have to eat a minimum on 500 calories a day and boy is it difficult!

 I got some comments saying that it's silly etc, and I know! I'm not stupid!! I'm taking HCG drops with this diet and they clearly state not to eat this way unless one is taking the drops as well. Plus, it's my choice to do this, no matter how crazy it is. I'm glad I cleared that out again.

As you might know from my first post about HCG diet, I'm only allowed 2 fruits , 2 x 100g meat (or substitute) certain veggies during the day and a grissino bread stick, but I have eaten different foods like cup-a-soup or yogurts instead which I know I shouldn't have done!! I also cheated on 3 days . . . DAMN, I promised myself I would do this right!!! Thankfully, I still lost a tiny bit of weight.

The drops are supposed to suppress appetite, and I didn't feel like it always did (hence the cheating days), but I was told that the first week is the most difficult and you have to let the drops set it and all, so you have to be strict.. The last day or so, I ate my dinner because I had to, cos' I wasn't that hungry. . so I think it's good , right?   I should have drank more water to suppress my appetite and it will also help weight loss in this diet. So I will be drinking a minimum of a liter of water in the morning and another liter in the after noon.

During the days in which I followed the diet well, I had to sleep at 7pm or at 9pm, but that's understanable .

My starting weight (Tuesday 26th Feb)  is 66.1 kg and a week later (Tuesday 5th March) is 64.4 kg.

I'm beating myself up because if I followed it well, I would have lost more!


Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX

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