Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My HCG diet experience - Fail!

Good morning guys!!

Sorry for the lack of posts in my part !! I should have done this post earlier and finally, I got down to do it. 

Anyway, as you may have read from my first post about HCG diet, it is quite extreme, and for someone with no discipline whatsoever like me, it failed completely. I have only done 1 week of it (and cheated) - check out my 1st (and only) update here

Total Fail

In this diet, all you can eat are apples and meat (I ate quorn) and I'm not a big fan. I still can't eat them now.

I'm not shunning this diet at all. It's perfect for those who are 100% disciplined.

The only part of this diet I enjoyed, is the fat loading days. 'nuff said . .


Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX

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  1. If it's of any consolation, I used to weigh 75kg and had merely started eating at more regular intervals. Now I'm at 70kg which is fine for my height (I'm 5"7). Of course I'm careful of the stuff I eat but I've managed to cut down on pasta to once a week although I still eat good food. And I don't exercise either because my timetable at the moment is too crazy. I do drink 2 litres+ of water a day, eat much more fruit, nuts instead of your typical cereal bars and soups. Most importantly I stopped nibbling stuff between meals like biscuits etc. It does take some self-control but a diet of salads etc never really worked for me. Everything in moderation is key. Taking a drastic step as certain diets require doesn't work for me. At no point in my day do I feel hungry or deprived (it doesn't help when my co-workers get stuff like fast food whereas I have a wrap with veggies but I persevere :). So basically what I mean is, don't give up.

    I prefer to focus on healthy eating rather than dieting. It's a long process but when you accept that fact, it makes things easier :) Good luck! :)