Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 5- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys!

As I told you in my previous update:

I will be getting weighed after 10 days in order to get right back on track!

These 10 days, I'm afraid I was kind of naughty. I missed certain foods, didn't have much time or energy to prepare my meals and to top it all off I had a wedding this weekend!

Although I have moderated what I eat, I still feel guilty about not sticking with the diet (and for taking some sweets). Apart from the fact that last time I lost the weight, it was mainly due to the drip!

These 10 days, especially this past week, was extremely hard for me to prepare my food, first of all, I was exhausted all the time, I have been so busy, that the time I had for preparing food was either spent sleeping or relaxing.

Anyways, let's check out the choices I had when I had a little energy to experiment with food!

Egg Sandwich and Tea- Yums
Yummy Meat
Barley Tuna Salad
Pasta Day- Balsamic Chicken
Who said sandwiches are boring?
My Hubby's experiment for me for my Dad's birthday meal
'Tis the Season for Grapes!
Dinner at the Hubs
My Favourite experiment to date! Healthy Stir Fry Barley & Chicken with peas and eggs
Barley Tuna and Egg Salad
So, this morning I woke up Super Early to wash up before my parents come home from being abroad, it's their 25th Wedding Anniversary today!! Happy Anniversary xxxx

So let's see how I did these 10 days!

Why hello there, nice round figure!!! 

Yes, I have lost weight it appears! I was quite surprised that although I sinned a little, I still lost the same amount of weight I usually lose in 2 weeks!!! To top it all off, I'm down 8.75 kg already!!! 

I know last time I didn't tell you my target weight, however, today Marika told me how happy she is with my progress and has officially told me I am half way there!! 

I also had a little heart to heart with Marika about my tiredness and motivation. She suggested I try to eat more red meat since I might not have enough Iron intake. 

Also, I have been receiving a lot of nice compliments about my weight loss, since I am currently at a stage were I really look like I have lost a lot of weight and a lot of people are noticing it. Marika warned me that I might get too excited and maybe shut an eye. 

To be honest, I have done that and have admitted it to her openly. Marika gave me this really good tip to help me out... Since I'm still not 100% happy with my weight, I have to always bear in mind that I have a target which I want to reach, so I have to stay positive and cheer myself on to reach that target!

I want to thank you all for your support throughout this journey, you have no idea how much all of you help me with your comments and support and I hope that I am helping you with your weight loss journey! Remember, I am always an email, comment, message away, so if you need any tips, help, support or just someone to talk to, I am always available!

Martina XOXO


  1. Very inspiring! You are doing great.

  2. Well done Cikit :) if you close an eye one day make sure you open it the next day at least :P. There are days were you want to let loose but it is just not worth it in the end. Well done again :) and proud of u

    1. Thank you my darling!! xxx Yep I'm starting to come to terms with that mentality! xxx