Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tried and Tested: Pupa Multiplay Eyeliner in 09

Hey Guys!

So today I will be reviewing a product which I have been meaning to review for ages, the Pupa Milano Multiplay Eyeliner in 09!

I have been using this eyeliner religiously since Pupa sent it to me!

The eyeliner is not your average eyeliner since it is actually a Kohl eyeliner meaning that the pigmentation of the product is more intense. Apart from the actual eyeliner, it comes with a smudge brush on the other end of the product.

This eyeliner retails for 6.89 euro and comes in a multitude of colours which you can check out here:

I was quite impressed with the longevity of this product, in fact it is one of the reasons why I have been using this eyeliner everyday. Apart from that, I love using it for night time looks since the intensity of the eyeliner is great to achieve more dramatic looks.

That being said, you have to be careful with application since if you apply too much it will look too intense for morning looks. Apart from that, if you put on too much you will find difficulty in getting the result you desire, especially if you try and smudge it.

The Smudging brush is a bit tricky to get a hand on especially when the liner is applied quite heavily. The trick with the smudging brush, I have noticed, is that you would need to apply just a little eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye and with the tip of the brush, smudge the eyeliner towards your tear duct, this also helps for daytime application of the eyeliner.

I highly recommend this eyeliner especially if you are looking for a highly pigmented eyeliner, however, do be careful with your application of the product.

Martina XOXO

*Disclaimer*- I have received this product for free, however, I was not paid to write this review. The above review is of my true and honest opinion.

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