Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 7- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys!

Another two weeks, another diet diaries! If you have missed last week's milestone post, you can view it here: http://allthingsfabulousblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/diet-diaries-update-6-lets-do-this.html and my whole journey up till now: http://allthingsfabulousblog.blogspot.com/search/label/diet%20diaries

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These two weeks were hard motivation-wise, I have not been having the best of luck lately and to top it all off, out of the blue my poor cat Timmy passed away.

Although I do have a target and I do want to speed to it, I am being a bit naughty on certain days, thank God I do make up for it on other days by being extra good, at least I still have that.

The only reason I am saying this is that when I do actually reach my target, what will happen? Will I go back to my old ways? Fall back into a habit of eating something quick and convenient? I know I might be a little pessimistic at the moment but yes I am kind of scared of the old Martina coming back.

This weight loss has shown me that my weight has been the thing that has kept me back for a long long time, so no, old Martina, you are staying where you belong, way back in the past.

So these two weeks, Marika gave me a few questions which I will today ( I should be ashamed, after two weeks I am finally focusing on them) answer, keep in mind, I have had a drastic change already so this does affect my answers.

I will end today with these questions, I would love to see your answers, even if you are still thinking of starting your lifestyle change.
  • Why are you here?
I am here to make a change, to eat healthier and feel better about my health and ultimately the way I look and feel about my body.
  • How do you see yourself when you make the change?
I see myself thinner and not worrying about my lumps and bumps with every piece of clothing I wear, also I see myself embracing my body and loving the way I look.
  • What are 3 advantages for this change?
1. Losing my excess fat;
2. Stop binge eating and;
3. Wearing the clothes I always wanted to wear.
  • How ready are you for this change? Rate from 1-10
  • Why did you choose this score, not less, not more
I chose this score because the want to do this is finally here, however, since everyone is afraid of the uncertainty that change brings, the 2 represents the unknowing.
  • How can you improve on this score?
By believing in myself and knowing that this is ultimately good for me and for my self- image.

Chicken, Veggie Sandwich
My new addiction- Crackerbreads and Jam!
I am loving me some jam!
Balsamic Chicken Pasta
My quick chicken and veggie meal
Cannelloni with meat- no white sauce for me!
Hi Ribeye 1
Chicken Salad- Take Away
The oh so yummy New York's Best Parma Ham Salad with Pesto- HEAVEN
Hi Ribeye 2 (actually 3 ;))
Sin of the week- Father's Day
Meatloaf, Chicken, Veggies and Potatoes- Father's Day
Barley, Tuna and Egg Salad
So have my sins kept me from losing more weight?

Ok so let me explain why there is no measurements, basically I was in a hurry to get to work and forgot to ask to be measured. I asked Marika if I should measure myself but we agreed that it's best if they take it for me.

I'm quite impressed that I lost weight, but I was told off for not eating regularly and avoiding fruit. With regards to the questions, Marika told me to re visit them in a few weeks to see the change in motivation.

Since I am off to London in a few days, I can be a bit flexible but I have to still keep in mind not to overdo it, let's hope for the best!

Until next time!

Martina XOXO


  1. I enjoy reading these posts. Keep up the good work!

    Miriam from muchaodaboutnoting.com

    1. Thank you Miriam!! Really appreciate your comment :)