Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tried and Tested: Make Up Store Nail Polishes #2- Holographic- Siw

Hey Guys!

So today I will be reviewing my 2nd Make Up Store Nail Polish! This is a nail polish which I initially wasn't on the look out for but ended up buying it!

You can see my first review of the Matt/ Glossy Nail Polish in Charmaine here:

The nail polish taking the spotlight today is none other than the innovative, Holographic Nail Polish in Siw. This product is a new innovation by Make Up Store, so much so, that other brands do not have any nail polish which provides the same effect. Why is it different? As you can see from the swatch below, when the nail polish hits different lighting, a 3D/ Holographic effect is achieved, pretty awesome, right?

Make Up Store- Holographic Nail Polish- Siw
The product, like the Matt/ Glossy nailpolish, comes in a sleek transparent bottle with a black tap and contains 8 ml of product and retails for about 10.99 euro.

The colour of this nail polish is a light blue with glitter undertones, which work to give a holographic effect on the nail. In dark lights, the nail polish looks likes a glittery blue polish whilst in the sun or under artificial light, the nail polish has a certain sparkle to it. You can compare between the two photos (1st photo taken under artificial/ white light, 2nd photo taken in natural light with a dark background). The nail polish texture in itself, dried quite matt rather than gel like like most nail polishes.

Application is quite easy, however, you need at least three coats of polish to get your desired effect. The substance of the polish in itself is watery and you will have gaps if you don't go over the polish.

Unfortunately after a few days I already had chipping, the photo below is wearing the polish after a whole week.
Make Up Store Holographic Nail Polish in Siw
I absolutely LOVED the colour and the effect of the nail polish, however, the fact that it chipped so quickly was a bit of a downfall. With that being said, they do have a product called Aqua Fix Base Coat in order to keep the polish in place.

Hope you liked this review!

Martina XOXO


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love this polish but I have the same trouble as chips super easily. I do have the aqua fix base coat and it definitely helps :)

    1. I should try it with the Aqua Fix Base Coat, I didn't because I don't usually use base coats, but I will give it a try