Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fabulous Guest- To Beard or not to Beard

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Three times a week, I grace my hometown gym with my presence, rushing in with trainers untied and looking scruffy at around 7. I've been going there for the last six months punching and kicking my way in a totally inelegant frenzy. Lately my eyes always seem to land on bearded male homo sapiens frequenting it. Maybe it’s a new curiosity I've picked up but bearded guys have an extra luster to their persona and appearance that pulls me like a magnet.

This one particularly macho looking bearded guy surrounded by two fiery red-haired girls has tweaked my interest. They are always there without a fail whispering in each other’s ears as if anyone could really hear them. They smile, flirt and fix their hair tidily. They are pretty and they are there to work out but definitely not working up a sweat and obviously keen to make an impression on this bearded specimen who we shall call for the time being Hercules.

Hercules flexes his muscles in front of the mirror. Hercules does weight lifts easily and precariously without as much as a hint of a twinge. Hercules is one of them boys, whose beard makes me weak in the knees. Don’t get me wrong! I never quite had a thing for beards but lately I've been developing a weird fascination with facial hair (and I don’t mean my own).

Sometimes we manage to make eye contact. He stands there not sure what to make of it while I’m jumping up and down, red-puffed, hair stuck to my sweaty face and wearing some ridiculous t-shirt with some lame joke. He, on the other hand, has well groomed hair combed parted perfectly to the right hand side, chiseled cheeks and making working out look like a breeze.

Then again, all the ladies attending my Kick Aerobics class also look pristine without breaking much of a sweat. This is for all of you ladies who look less than ladylike at the gym. Them macho bearded men make this silly world go round and definitely a whole lot more appealing.

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