Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 6- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys,

So Update 6 of the  Diet Diaries!! If you haven't checked out my previous update, you may do so here:
you may also check out all my updates on the tab marked Diet Diaries, above!

I have to be quite honest with you though... I have been getting a little demotivated mainly because I have not have much time to experiment with food and have been awfully tired lately so I have been eating out a lot, mind you lots of salads mostly!

I have, however, taken Marika's advice and I am eating more red meat, and I have been feeling more energized but still not fully energized... lesson learnt kids... get some rest!! Apart from that I was invited to a wedding last Saturday therefore I did sin a little, however, I didn't take any Chinese or breaded foods but I did go kind of crazy on the sweet section (naughty girl!)

I hope I am not very disappointed tomorrow, till then check out a few of my food choices!

Very simple lunch- Ham and Cheese Toast (no butter)
Mum & Dad 25th Wedding Anniversary meal- Bragoli & Peas
My Favourite Cereal- Rice Krispies!
Lazy Bones got a take out salad! Parma Ham!
Simple Dinner at the Hubby
Pasta Day! Brown Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce + Peas
Barley, Tuna and Tomato
When I'm lucky to find food ready! Pork + Carrots
Simple Toast- Lazy Bugger!
Won't take credit for these tasty tomatoes! Mum's Creation :-D
Simple Salad- Hurry Up, Let's Go!
Best. Take Out. Salad. EVER! Parma Ham Salad with Pesto.. Heaven!
At a Work Event, Chicken Caesar Salad!
Yummy Fillet + Pepper Sauce- I also had a salad with this ;)
So... have I lost weight after all this turmoil?? Check out the table below!

10 kgs baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I haven't exactly hit the -10 kg mark, but hey what's in 0.05 kg??? 

I was actually playing around with Photoshop and decided to experiment a bit with some features, so I created this graphic with some hope that I actually lost 10 kgs! Since my weight is so close to 10 kgs, I said why not share it?!!

I know I sounded demotivated yesterday, probably due to the tiredness and exhaustion I felt, but I am slightly more motivated now, thanks to my achievement! 

I also realised that I am not really playing my food up, especially the snacks, the same things over and over can get boring! So, these two weeks I have bought some crackerbreads and strawberry jelly to eat, yummm!

At the beginning of the session, Marika told everyone present that you need to ask yourself some basic questions of why you want the change, which I thought I'd share with you. She told us that by placing pressure of needing to lose weight on yourself as in constantly saying "I need to lose weight because of health problems" or "I need to lose weight to get in that dress", v.s. "I want to lose weight because..." can ultimately demotivate you.

She put forward some questions for everyone to answer individually and then send to her which will act as a challenging point for each person doing the diet. I asked her if it is possible to share these questions with you in order to help you out with your healthy change.
  • Why are you here? (or for whoever is doing this on their own.. Why have you decided to do this?)
  • How do you see yourself when you make the change?
  • What are 3 advantages for this change?
  • How ready are you for this change? Rate from 1-10
  • Why did you choose that score, not less, not more?
  • How can you improve on this score?

For now, I will not answer those questions since I have to be a bit quiet and reflect on these questions, but I will share them with you in my next post!

I also have some other news... remember I mentioned that I do have a target weight which I was not going to mention since it was not "officially" on paper, well now it is, so let's get focused baby! My Target weight is 57 kilos! 10 down, 6 to go! Marika told me that she set the target for me since I am nearly there so since I only have a few kilos to go, if it was otherwise, I might have been disheartened and given up!

I would love to hear your stories and do take the time to reflect on these questions! 

Until next time!
Martina XOXO


  1. Well done Martina, I'm so proud :) Ejja you are nearly there, so don't give up. Ikonsla I have a long way to go, but I will get there and so will you :D

  2. Well done you! wow 10kg is a lot!
    I know sometimes it's so difficult to keep up with your busy schedule AND make time to prepare healthy food. It has to become a habit in a way.

    Not sure if I pointed this out already, but I have a low GI/low carb section in my blog which might help. Good luck and stay focused:)

    Miriam from http://muchadoaboutnoting.com

    1. Thanks Miriam!! Yes I came across it to be honest!! Trying to find out some time to experiment since I'm always busy busy busy!! Re your below comment, the pesto one was from New York's Best :)

  3. ohhh and where did you get that parma ham take out salad from??

  4. Great job! I am on a similar journey. I totally understand how it can be when you don't have time and have to eat the same "easy but healthy" meal and then you get a little bored and discouraged. Eating right isn't always the easiest choice but it is worth you. You look fantastic!