Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 9- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys!

So as you know, my diet diaries is one day late, since I scheduled my appointment for tomorrow rather than today.

If you haven't seen my last update, check out my last post:

If you are new to this blog, check out my progress up till now: 
These 2 weeks, were maybe a little easier for me to stay motivated, this is because I have finally opened my eyes and have seen how much I lost, it's kinda weird that for the longest time I still saw myself as my old self, however, I am finally seeing a huge change!

Although I have missed a few snacks here and there *cough fruit cough*, and have sinned a bit *cough chocolate cough*, I still feel I was on track this time round.

Apart from that, I have been really busy lately with a concert round the corner (hence this very brief post), I tried to have fast and easy meals on the go!

I haven't taken much photos due to this reason, however, check out the few photos I took of my choices below. Remember to follow me on Instagram for my day to day choices:

Quick Salad
My favourite dish prepared by my lovely "mum in law"
Salad prepared by the hubs!
Quick salad!
Chicken with veg bake
Experimenting with Chicken and Parma Ham- Yums!
Sunday Meal
Parma Ham Omelet
Parma Ham Panina + Veg
Toast with Cherry Jam
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Tasty Eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella + chicken

So... have I lost any weight?

Oh hello there 60 kgs!! I haven't seen you for decades!! I haven't been this weight since I was around 18!!! :-O.

What's more surprising is the inches that are falling off!! Marika showed me how I was before by placing the inch tape and measuring out my starting measurements, my mouth literally dropped, another person could fit in with me... :-O.

Since I have not been eating fruit, I haven't lost more weight, however, although I am constantly busy, I have still stuck to healthy options, yay me! *pats self on back*

Last 3 kilos my dears, last 3 kilos!! After my concert is done I will hopefully be back on track!! However, today week I am entitled to being a bit naughty, I only get one lucky birthday in a lifetime ;-)

That's all from me!! My next update will be back on Tuesday!

Martina XOXO


  1. Hey - I love reading these posts - especially your joy at being successful :)

    I didn't understand this: "Since I have not been eating fruit, I haven't lost more weight,"

    Miriam @

    1. Hey Miriam!! Thanks for the lovely comment!!

      Apparently since I'm not eating enough fibre, my metabolism slowed down

  2. Well Done cikit :) you are doing great xx Only 3 kgs left my god. I wish I was at that point hehe

    1. Thank you cookie xx I have faith in you especially now ;) xxx