Monday, August 5, 2013

Fabulous Events- Biocare Graduation Ceremony

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Last Friday I was invited to attend the Biocare Academy Graduation night, a night honoring and celebrating Biocare's 2013 class!

I was joined by two of my great friends Reb and Lara from Island of Make Believe and Every Beauty Addict's Bible respectively. 

The event kicked off with a lovely ceremony for all the students that took courses with Biocare last year. What immediately drew me in is that not only were the students awarded with their international qualifications, but students were given certificates of excellency together with vouchers and goody bags. Apart from the fact that the relationship between the students and the teachers was truly one of care and respect.
Starting the ceremony
Throughout the ceremony we were also given information with regards to the various courses one can take at the Biocare academy, ranging from Beauty to Make Up to Nails to Fitness courses.
We were also shown round the amazing premises situated in Mosta. We were shown a number of rooms for each of the respective courses, one of which hit home with my fellow bloggers and I!

Beauty Training Room
The Make Up Stations... Bliss!
The Make Up Room!
Apart from the ceremony, we were also invited to join the new graduates and biocare staff for a lovely reception, were we got to know the staff a bit better especially the lovely Marketing Coordinator Roberta!

Apart from courses, Biocare import a range of beauty and make up products including my favourite Dermalogica products! We were also given a goody bag filled with lovely products and information!

If you are interested in pursuing a Beauty, Make Up, Nails or Fitness course, I encourage you to visit Biocare's Website: and facebook page: for more information!

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