Saturday, November 9, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 16- Slow and steady wins the race!

Hey Guys!!

What a crazy two weeks I have had! Not only have I been super busy but I ended up having to issue the diet diaries more than a week late, yikes!!

I have been on this journey for a good 8 months now and I am in no hurry to end it! I am enjoying the fact that I am taking my time which will benefit in the long run, because at the end of the day, I am getting used to this lifestyle and it is becoming a part of who I am... more on that later!

If you do not know what I am talking about, check out my whole journey by visiting this link: or else check out my latest entry here:

These two weeks (not counting this past week), I have had a lot of changes being thrown my way, every day I get to learn new things at work and with more responsibilities, comes more work and therefore I have no time to eat, something which did affect the scale this time round.

I have also been shutting an eye and indulging more frequently lately, however, as I was saying before, I have become accustomed to this lifestyle that if I indulge, I know that I have to "payback" my sins later on, so that if I decide to eat a little more during the weekend, I know that during the week, I have to be very good!

At times, you do feel like something more good, be it savory or sweet... in my case, biscuits, cakes, pastries are my huge guilty pleasure and one might say, but hey aren't you dieting and you have to stay away from these things? Well, technically yes... BUT if you indulge once in a while and instead of taking 10 biscuits (as I used to... or even a whole packet)... I know I will be ok with just 2 biscuits. It's all about limiting yourself without depriving yourself!

Many are not successful in losing weight because they think its all lettuce, tomatoes, green tea etc etc but at the end of the day you lose weight when you eat a bit of everything!

I eat pasta and bread, of course I do, but I limit my intake... like that I am not depriving myself!

One thing you have to learn is that this is not a race! It takes time... hell I have been nearly a whole year trying to get to my target weight, but do you see me banging my hand on my chest blaming myself for not losing the weight sooner? NO! Because this is a process, I am doing it in my own time and I am enjoying doing this!

Why am I saying all this?? I have spoken to many of you readers, friends and acquaintances about my diet and their weight struggles and everyone seems to tell me the same thing... I don't manage to keep my diet or I always crave something good... that was also me a year ago... but this journey has taught me so much patience and that with sacrifice and putting thought in your diet... you can and you WILL get there!!

Oh I am sounding so sentimental now! Check out my food choices, well some of them, for the past two weeks with a little running commentary!

In your diet, it's good to spice things up since it can get boring! I recently discovered these little pieces of goodness! The Misura Toasties (as I like to call them)! They are so versatile, I usually add them to my salad or eat them with jam.. divine!

I do spice up my diet... during the weekend, it's ok if I take some divine Gnocchi! And guess what... my body knows when to stay STOP, you're full... stop digging in!

Once in a while we all fall... but it's ok... you can make up for it the next day.. and no... I did not eat all that... I shared ;)

It's ok to try new things and find out you hate them... I did not like porridge at ALL!

SO enough with the rambling.. kind of! How did I do?

It seems that I am close to my target weight.. with only 2 kilos to go! This was actually my original target weight but we did confirm that I can lose another 2 kilos and I will look smashing in no time ;-) My inches stayed the same though :( In a way it's kind of OK since all my winter clothes are falling off me.. I even tried on a jacket and it looks super huge... too bad I really loved that jacket :-(

The reason I rambled on so much is that these 2 weeks I found myself saying the same things over and over again since I had many people speaking to me about this topic! Another thing which happened these two weeks is that I found out that someone ( I won't go into specifics) has decided to do this journey also... something I am extremely proud of since I know how hard it was for this person to make this decision. I know you're reading this and you know exactly who you are and know that I am very proud of you for making this decision and all that I have written here stands... take this journey day by day, don't feel guilty if you sway off once in a while and remember it's NOT A RACE!! This of course applies to all my readers!

So rambling Martina is off! If you ever need someone to talk to, need some motivation.. you all can message me on my facebook page: or email me personally on!

That's all from me! Over and Out!

Martina XOXO

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