Monday, November 18, 2013

Fabulous Events- Lierac Launch Party

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Since I have been extremely busy, I have not been able to blog about this event before. Around two weeks ago I attended the launch of a new French beauty brand called 'Lierac'. A few months ago I actually attended the first launch of the brand, however, this time it was done on a larger scale!

Lierac is a French beauty brand which specialises in products tailored to skin disorders and anti-aging. These products are focused on using the essence of science namely botanical ingredients.. for all you non-scientific readers (like myself), this means plants, in order to create the best possible products for their consumers.

The brand is so dedicated in providing the best possible products that they also invest in many studies and training programs also going the extra mile of providing study programs.

There are a number of products available in order to achieve your desired skin so much so that they have produced a number of ranges in order to target the different skin needs a woman might have.

Apart from the skin care range, Lierac also provide a body care range, ranging from slimming treatments to sun and after sun care products!

This event was a truly enjoyable event since not only did we get to learn more about this great brand which will be available in store thanks to PharmaMT but my lovely blogger friends and I were joined by our better halves who decided that they will form a support group for all blogger boyfriends!

Check out a few pictures I nicked from the Lierac facebook page, which you can also visit here:

Left to Right: Daniela (Brand Manager), Elisa (Lierac Brand Manager), Lara (Every Beauty Addict's Bible), Elle (Beauty She Wrote), Marija (Pocalocca), Marija (all.things.ladu), Me & Jessica (Beauty is our Passion)
Left to Right: Marija (all.things.lady), Marija (pocalocca), Me (and my funny pose), Lara (Every Beauty Addict's Bible) and Elle (Beauty She Wrote)
I highly recommend that you check out their Maltese facebook page and international website in order to learn about their products:

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