Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fabulous Focus: Anatomicals Malta!

Hey Guys!!

So I have been hearing about this new and affordable beauty product range for months so being the beauty nut I am, I just had to find out more!

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet the brains behind Anatomicals Malta who has probably started my new product addiction!

This beauty brand is like no other beauty brand around. With it's funky packaging and tongue in cheek descriptions, this brand serves to oomph up your boring beauty regime!

I managed to get my hands on a few awesome products which I will be trying out in the coming days....ok you caught me, I already used a few (lot) of these products tee hee hee!

Check out the website for their awesome product range: and like their facebook to enjoy some witty statuses and info:
From top left:

Help the Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream- a nourishing hand cream to keep the nasty dryness away-

Look you've got chocolate all over your face Anti-Stress Chocolate Face Mask-  a little chocolate never did any harm ;-)-

Grease isn't the word (tell me more, tell me more) Mattifying Face Mask- bye bye oilyness!-

Farewell the scarlet Pimplehell Deep Cleansing Mud Mask- Skin refresher 101 at your service!-

From bottom left:

Snog me Senseless Minty Tingling Lip Balm-  kissable lips in no time!-

Peppermints and Spearmints- None of your foul mouth and snog me senseless-

Oi! You throbhead Headache Relief Balm- headaches be gone!!-

Aloe Aloe so that's whats going on here! Hand Cream and Lip Balm- probably the most sought out and innovative product out there!-

Stay tuned for my reviews govner!!

Martina XOXO