Friday, January 24, 2014

Diet Diaries- Update 19- Happiness is a Choice!

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all doing great!!

Another two weeks which means another diet diaries update!

If you have been following my journey, you may recall what happened two weeks ago:

But if on the other hand this post just happened to open up on your computer screen and you're wondering what I did to get to this update, then you can re-visit my posts here:

If you are an avid follower of my blog (thank you!), you may recall a certain tag post I wrote in which I answered a question regarding the best decision I have taken which changed my life to which I answered my weight loss.

The reason I answered this question like that is not a representation of some sort of superficiality or hit against people with rounder figures but because my weight loss did in fact change the way I view myself and how I view life.

A large part of my life I was constantly picked on or criticized for my appearance, and yes you may say, hey but aren't they in the wrong? Well yes and no. Unfortunately in the society we live in today, appearance does matter although we are afraid to admit it or there is a certain taboo around it.

Appearance is the first thing a person notices about you and I once read that it only takes a few seconds for someone to make a judgement about you and what is the first thing a person sees? Not your sweet laugh or loving nature? It's your appearance!

When I was heavier in size, not only was I carrying extra weight around but I was also carrying a lot of negativity and anger towards the way I look, and the angrier I used the get, the more I used to eat. My confidence was down, I didn't believe in myself and in return my skin suffered which in turn made my whole perception of myself suffer. 

I started gaining weight in that lovely awkward phase kids go through and in turn from an 'A' student I fell down to an average student, why? My confidence was down and I kept on crushing it down.

To keep on adding insult to injury, I actually believed that I was not good enough to achieve certain things in life and I still have those moments every now and again. 

Throughout this experience of losing weight and experiencing different reactions from people, and yes, I have noticed that I am treated differently not because of my weight but because of the way I hold myself with pride and that I am finally comfortable with my image and body.

For me, this experience was truly life changing, not because of getting the body I always wanted but for finally meeting the real me and letting her shine through.

I went from carrying a lot of negative and angry energy and instead of wasting it, I am investing it into good energy, something which can produce fruit.

I am no inspiration or trying to be an inspirational person. I do all of this for myself, why? To remind myself that although I may face struggles and obstacles, finding confidence in myself and deciding whether I am happy or not is my own decision, you can choose to wait on the benches to get called out or run out and play the field!

Although I have not reached my target weight, seeing that I lost 18 kilos is still a big step for me. Who would have told me this time last year when I was still contemplating whether or not I should lose weight that I would be sitting here with the favourite polka dot sweater which is now loosely hanging on my body!

I was quite impressed that I lost another half inch from everywhere! Guess that running came in handy ;-)

One last note before I start rambling again... never let anyone try to get you down and don't feed on their insecurities and remember that you choose if you are happy or not!

Martina XOXO


  1. You are doing fantastic babe! Im proud of you for keeping at it and working hard on your goal. PS I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Steph x