Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diet Diaries- Update 18- A New Year! Let's Do This!!

Hey Guys!

Hope you are doing well!

So as I sit here with my concrete legs after an hour and a half of running, yes I started running, you read correctly, more on that later... I realised I haven't updated you on my recent developments regarding my diet!

This doesn't mean that I haven't been weighed in since my last post but it does mean that I have missed a few updates... sorry :-(

For those of you who have been following my journey, just to give you a little re-cap, visit my last update:

And for those of you who have done a New Year's Resolution and would like to read about my struggles, you can start from the very beginning here:

Being my first update after the festive season, I think I should fill you in on my festive eating habits. For one, I was nearly starving myself before the festive season, reason being is that I did not have a lot of chance to eat and my appetite was slowly decreasing due to personal reasons. However, I did make up for it come the festivities. That being said, it doesn't mean I stuffed my face in with anything and everything.

I realised that my body "spoke" to me on several occasions were I would have eaten enough, no not too much, enough... were I was neither full and neither deprived but just right!

Whilst others around me were complaining that they had too much to eat and feeling bloated, I was sitting there with no constant festive season tummy ache!

Something which I used to hate during the festivities apart from that annoying tummy ache, was meeting my extended family and NO I am not one of those people who hate their families, quite the opposite! The thing I hated was the constant badgering about how fat I had gotten or how much I need to lose weight! Little did some family members, who year after year ended up sounding like a broken record, know that they would have to change their tune! Many of them had either no idea I was dieting or had not seen me in person for months, so it was a welcome change of tune this year :-D

Since I started this diet, the only thing I never ate or just ate a small bite was Pizza. On New Year's Eve I decided to take a whole pizza, I figured I do deserve it for being so good since March. Little did I know that my body would end up rejecting it and I was about to collapse in the middle of a crowd during the count down! So much for treating myself!

A sort of struggle which I faced is when I was re-organising my wardrobe since I realised that I had NOTHING to wear this festive season. All my nice winter clothes are huge on me, so much so that one particular dress which I LOVED looks like a huge garbage bag on me. I know I should be happy about this but I was really proud of the wardrobe I was building and now I have to buy more clothes and I'm not really in the position to do so.

On a more positive note, during this diet, I have never really exercised, so earlier this week, my boyfriend asked me to join him in his running session since he trains to run marathons. At first, I honestly didn't want to go but I said, why not, it's 2014, it's about time to try something new. So I went and ran at my own pace and was very proud of myself for managing to run as much as I did! Back at school, running was something I struggled with so this was a huge achievement! I think the fact that I left this long to start exercising or running in this case was a bit of a plus since I felt lighter and more empowered!

Any whos... enough about the festivities and updates... This weigh-in, my mum joined me since I managed to convince her to start the diet with me! My mum is currently going through some life changes which I won't tell you what it is exactly here since she will probably kill me, but I think you all understood! Unfortunately this does affect her weight and during the past few months her weight shot up drastically!

One thing I told my mum and I have repeated here over and over during the course of these past few months is that first and foremost this is a lifestyle change, not a diet! It makes a huge difference when you refer to it differently! Secondly, you have to do everything at your own pace and remember that it is not a race and thirdly eat, eat, eat. It won't do you any good to starve yourself!

So, this leaves us to my 19th update! Let's see how much weight I actually lost!

So I'm one kilo away from my target, wahey!! I actually lost weight during the holiday season which was a plus so yay!

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed since I did want to start the new year with my target weight but hey, a little challenge never did any harm to anyone ;-) So I decided to get back on track, even for the sake of my mum, to show her some support!

I would love to know if you did some weight related resolutions and if you are sticking to them or if you are finding any struggles!

Until next time!

Martina XOXO


  1. Well done girlie xxx

  2. Well done Martina, u look great and it shows u feel that way too. I am also proud of u for starting to run, it really helps a lot to tone your body and give you a lot of strenght

    1. Thank you love!! I know you can do it too xx

  3. You are seriously an inspiration! You have come such a long way.

    1. Thank you dear, it's one of my proudest achievements. Im not looking to be an inspiration but if I can help someone achieve their goals to be happier with the way they look, then that's all that matters :))