Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tried and Tested- Make Up Store Charcoal Mask

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(Disclaimer: I wrote this post a number of weeks ago and found out that this product was discontinued, however, I am still posting this post since I believe that Charcoal masks provide great benefit to those especially with oily skin)

It seems like decades since I wrote the last review but lo and behold, I am back and hope to find some time to provide more reviews in the coming days/ weeks.

The first product I am going to review is a product which pleasantly surprised me!

I am talking about the Make Up Store Charcoal mask!

I am no stranger to Charcoal masks, having a number of Charcoal masks applied on me by my beautician especially when I had severe acne since the essence of the Charcoal mask is to tackle problematic skin.

At first I was a bit hesitant to try it out, this comes from the fear of trying out other products rather than the ones which are suggested by my beautician.Knowing that Make Up Store is a reputable brand, after receiving this sample, I just had to try it!

This product comes in box including sachets of 4 charcoal masks which include 15 g a piece. Unfortunately I do not know the price of this product.

I took a number of photos to show you the steps on how to use this mask.

The sachet
My face before applying the mask
On the sachet, it states that you should use the whole content of the package with around 45 ml of water if I'm not mistaken (yay for throwing away the package before writing down the actual facts... FAIL).

I wanted to try out this mask twice so I emptied half of the content and did half of the water (I actually eye balled it.. more on that later)

The product in itself is an ashy powder which turns black once mixed with water.

The package states that you should use a home spa brush to mix the product. Since I do not have this kind of brush, I used a foundation brush to mix, which in turn, does make the experience a bit messy. Something I suggest is to use an old foundation brush since residue of the mask does stain the brush a bit.

Mixed Consistency

Well hello there golliwog! Since the product in itself is drying, do avoid the eye area! Due to it's drying nature, do try to apply the product as fast as possible since as it is drying up, it ends up turning into a bowl of unworkable mush. 

As you can see from the above photo, the mask did turn up a bit funny, since I did not really follow instructions. The second time round, the mask did turn out better due to the fact that I tried to balance out the water/ powder balance.

You should leave the mask for a good 10-15 minutes and the final result comes as follows:

Once dry, the mask turns into a grey ashy consistency, kind of like the powder at the start. Something which confused me is that the sachet states that you can peel off the product, a statement which in my opinion, can't be done! The second time round, nearly all my face dried up to the grey ash!

After I washed off the mask
As you can see from the above photo, my redness went down quite considerably, I did end up seeing better results the second time round since I had a better application of product!

I was quite impressed at how fresh my face felt and although the mask has a drying consistency, my face did not dry up, probably because of the timing of the mask which is just right probably to avoid too much dryness!

In the following days after I applied the mask, I also tried to see if I have any odd spots here and there, but thankfully I did not get any bad reactions from the product.. SUCCESS!

All in all, I loved the product.. I did not really like the messy aspect of it but hey, what do you expect from a product with the word Charcoal in it?!

If you suffer from blemishes or redness, I highly suggest that you try out this product!

That's all from me!

I hope you liked my Golliwog Face! Oh, what I do for you lovely readers!

Until next time!

Martina XOXO

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