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Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014- New Designers Fashion Show

Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014 first event, for me that is, started off with quite a bang!

Held in the ever so elegant Casino Maltese (which BY THE WAY I'm still quite in love with after the Malta Fashion Week 2012 Bridal show!), a number of very talented up and coming designers, showcased their collections!

This event, supported by Faberge by Vascas, Aldo Shoes & Accessories and Eva Garden, hosted a total of twelve designers, all with their own inspiration, background and collection!

Complimenting the collections, a talented team of Hair Stylists namely Dominic Bartolo- Dreads Hairdressing assisted by Jessica Mascari, Priscilla Mifsud Cini and James Attard; and Make Up Artists namely Elaine Galea, Krista Paris and Christelle Lays; created beautiful hair styles and make up looks which screamed perfection! Hair Styling was supported by Joico whilst Make Up was supported by Eva Garden.

Edith- Natalie Bronfman

Having spent the past 20 years designing for film, theatre and opera internationally, Natalie Bronfman is introducing a line of Pret a Porter line for women. Inspired by time travel, the Edith collection was influenced by fashion past.

Feather details, Chiffon with intricate floral details, A-Line silhouettes and a one of a kind, jaw dropping cape were all part of this collection!

Pathway- Gremar (Marie Grech)

Marie Grech a.k.a Gremar presented a collection which was influenced by a certain message in life. ' When everything is going wrong, never give up! There is always a ray of light!' This was portrayed in the colour scheme of the collection, starting from dark to light were a number of black pieces which slowly slowly started getting gradually lighter through the introduction of statement jewellery, embellishments, sheer material and lighter colours. One could see the collection transforming from black to white, dark to light! Apart from portraying this message in her collection, Gremar emphasizes the female form and accentuated it in all it's glory and what's more feminine and flattering than lace?!

Jungle of Textures- Marta Gomez Vidal

Textures, Textures and more Textures were the whole inspiration behind Marta Gomez Vidal's collection! A number of pieces including a combination of Marta's favourite textures leather, silk and linen were created to represent a strong passionate women following her dreams! Apart from the clothing which apart from the various textures were full of pattern and colour, the leather bags showcased in this collection were all Marta Gomez Vidal's designs. From cute waist satchels to gorgeous clutches, these bags were super fun and trendy!

Parascandolo Marco (

KEMM INHOBB, FAQA SEW, LITERALLY!! (for all you international readers out there that's Loving it and Super Fab ;) can thank me later!) Since Marco has lived some time in London, the streets of East London were a muse for this collection, however, add a dash of Maltese twist and the collection was complete! There's just one catch! This ready to wear collection, I'm sorry to say ladies is all for the boys! You lucky b........ you! 

From Slogan Tees with a dash of Maltese Humour to Oversized Knitwear and Monochrome hues, I found myself getting slightly jealous of the guys wearing these clothes! An appeal to need to get thinking for us ladies STAT! HEKK INHOBB!

Aura- Fransina

We are heading back to the feminine touch of 1950s vintage bag! This is transcended in the inspiration of Fransina's retro chic bags through their design, style, textures and materials. From a retro chic leather clutch back to a velvet oversized clutch to velvet shoulder bags and an absolutely adorable slingback with a bow leather detail, these bags were all about the 1950s but with a 2014 stamp on them! 


Churpina!- Charlene Joan Sant

Imagine yourself just finishing off a big project that took many years to complete (kind of like how long it's taking me to write this post ;-p) and just kicking off your shoes and lounging on the sofa having a cocktail or two and just relaxing and doing nothing at all! This is Charlene Joan Sant's muse for this collection, a collection were it's all about Relaxation Time! 

From soft textures to lightweight materials, this collection portrays a fun whimsical summery feel with a touch of feminine sophistication through the use of delicate floral accents! 

Be it the fun playsuits & shorts to feminine figure hugging skirts to detailed lightweight shirts, this collection screams, 'Put on your best face and grab a Cosmo!' (They will surely go to waste just lounging on the sofa at home alone ;-))

Palomina- Mosca (Aga Rusajczyk)

This next collection represents the strong yet mysterious woman! Inspired by the monochromatic drawings of artist Maria Azzopardi Aga Rusajczyk created this elegant collection as a debut for her new brand!

From silk dresses and shirts to sultry bodysuits to detailed intricate skirts, this collection ran wild with eye to detail! So much so, that the bags and jewellery showcased with this collection were all handmade!

The unique drawings by artist Maria Azzopardi were a perfect compliment to the sultry mysteriousness of the essence of the collection!

Vintethic- Lukka (Luke Pizzuto)- Apologies to the designer if I spelt the collection name incorrectly!

What do you get when you combine Van Gogh and 1940/1950s fashion?! A sophisticated ready to wear pieces which transform to unique and show stopping pieces!

This collection was all about the sophistication of the classic arty so to speak, floral print as Lukka was inspired through Van Gogh paintings which was then reflected in the clothes through the textures and materials chosen to the style of the dress. This collection was mostly dresses except for a two particular pieces. One could find the jersey relaxed yet feminine dress to the va va voom satiny dress to suit your occasion. Other pieces such as crop tops, floral detail gloves, chiffon tops, wide leg pants and skirts were also included in the collection!

Taia- Alicia Schembri- Roslichenko & Mandy Farrugia

Unique, Trendy and Sophistication with a touch of elegance are all key to this collection! The designers' inspiration to achieve this, was simple, a Spanish Flower. Combine the elements and you have a unique print which was showcased on today's pieces. 

From sleeves to accents to boots, this print was everywhere! A combination of textures were used from satin to leather, Taia's unique print added that touch of femininity and elegance to each piece except one, the show stopping piece! A combination of silk and lace and chiffon were used to create this piece which shows enough skin to make the female feel sexy but not overly sexy! With an elegant chiffon train and a lace embellished underlay, this particular dress will definitely stop traffic!

Celeste- Martina Spiteri

Martina Spiteri's inspiration for this collection was the five stages of grief one goes to following death.

These stages are portrayed through the colours and shapes of the pieces each one representing the respective stage of grief from Denial to Acceptance.

The colour palette in this collection consists of three main colours; black, navy blue and grey were the constrast and light is played upon as a person gets closer to Acceptance. The final piece consists of an all white dress with a grey sash.

The collection consists of dresses in diverse shapes and length, skirts, shorts, tops and also a waist coat.

Poshet!- Ana Nogueira

Due to her exotic travels and experiences, Ana Nogueira has created a number of unique tote bags! More so, she has also spiced up your average, taken for granted tank top and created one of a kind tank tops!

These pieces are more so unique since the materials are brought from Mexico, Australia and Africa and combined to create one unique piece!

From patterned totes to a leather tote with unique detailing, these totes are full of life and colour! The thank tops on the other hand are bursting with prints and unique detailing!


Ken Shin- Rosemarie Abela (apologies to the designer if I misspelled the collection's name)

Shanghai meets Twiggy in the last and final collection! A combination of a essence of Shanghai through the materials and intricate details found on the pieces to the edginess of Twiggy from the shaping and edginess of the pieces!

All pieces except one in particular were long pieces either in dress of wide leg form, however, one piece was a knee- length gold dress adorned with a motif.

What made this collection interesting is the various head pieces which the models sported.

Until tomorrow!

Martina XOXO

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