Sunday, March 15, 2015

I'm Back!! Well... Sort of!

Hi Guys!

This post is long overdue, and with good reason.

Due to a number of huge changes in my life, blogging was low on my priority list and thus the cold turkey treatment of my blog and all my social media.

Fret not I am still alive and kicking, however, my priorities have shifted so much during the past few months that I frankly have no time for blogging.

So just to get you in the picture, my career has taken full priority this year, after a full year of fun and no responsibilities, I have finally settled, well sort of, in a job which I absolutely LOVE and full focus is on my career at the moment.

These past few months I was offered the opportunity to teach at a higher secondary institution so you can imagine the shock to my system.. from preparation of lessons to the delivery etc etc, time to blog was seen as precious time. To top all that off, I also started a highly intensive teaching course which requires a lot of time spent researching and implementing assignments. (Yay for huge words seeing that I was writing about theories of learning just a few minutes ago!)

Along with this came the search for comfort and time saving when it comes to my fashion and make up choices, I was back to comfort over style and losing a little part of me which had really boosted my self-esteem. So two weeks ago when I took some time to organise my wardrobe, I realised how much I missed dressing up and actually researching and getting inspiration for my style and make up. Slowly slowly I started adjusting my style, taking the time to get back in fashion fitness and along the way, actual fitness (yes, I admit I have gained a few kgs due to going back to the school routine with fast and easy naughty food choices).

This got me to thinking that blogging had really helped me get out of my shell and had helped me with my self-esteem so I decided that although it is time consuming, I will re-launch my blog, HOWEVER, on my own terms, that is, since writing takes up so much of my time, I decided to go to the next alternative, my Instagram and Facebook pages were I will create and upload content and yes, I am not going to just put the blog aside, but it will not be as frequent as before, if I'm inspired, yes I will write but the core of my content will be on the actual facebook page and instagram accounts.

So.... this brings us to the next order of business, if you haven't already, I dare you to like and follow my instagram and facebook accounts which you may do so by:

Instagram: CLICKING ON ME or finding me @allthingsfab

And just because I know how much you have missed me, check out a sneak peak of an OOTD I will be posting in the coming days:

Oh Hi There!
Until next time,

Martina X

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