Friday, March 20, 2015

My Week in Pictures- Week One

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all doing well!

As you recall from my last post, my main focus and content will be mainly on my Instagram and Facebook accounts where I will be sharing my latest OOTDs, Hauls and anything else I find interesting! You can see my last post here: CLICK ME!

I decided to introduce a new segment to my blog were I will be sharing all the pictures I posted throughout the week just in case you missed any, with a short description/ story behind the picture!

So here goes!

Mango Interlinked Ring
Last week I went a little haul crazy, especially when it came to jewellery! I wanted a little break from my assignments and work so I headed to Valletta with Chanel (for all you in the blogging world, Chanel from Bon Ton Fashionista) and I went gagas for this Mango ring... I have practically worn it every time I went out! <3

New Look Polar Bear Jumper
Here in Malta we are experiencing probably one of the coldest winters EVER!! Earlier this week all I felt like doing was curl up in bed with a huge dose of tea and just snuggle under my comfy quilt! However, life is not that simple so I had to get up for work! The first thing I thought as soon as I felt that cold air just as I got out of bed was grab your cosiest jumper or else don't get out of the house! My cosiest jumper happens to be the Christmas Jumper I bought for last year's Christmas festivities which feature cute polar bears! So I said oh well, what the hell... just go for it! #rebel

Ontop Turban Top
So one of the reasons I went shopping to Valletta was actually this beauty over here! I have been seeing so many posts about this new shop that I just had to check it out! Apart from the fact that I wanted to own a Turban Top for quite a while! It took me a while to choose between a woollen beige or blue turban top but thanks to Chanel and the super helpful sales girl at Ontop, blue was the clear winner! #soinlove

Books, Glorious Books
This photo was actually a re-post since I had posted it on Instagram quite a while ago but since they are part of the huge spending spree I did this month I said why not?! I have been wanting to buy the above books for ages and I finally managed to get my hands on them! As you might know or not know, one of people I look up to in showbiz is Lea Michele a.k.a Rachel Barry on Glee, this woman's strength and talent just leave me in awe!! Another book I have been wanting to get my hands on is Jane Hawking's Travelling to Infinity, her memoir about her life with Stephen Hawking or for all you movie junkies, the book that inspired The Theory of Everything! I strongly believe that when a book is turned into a movie, the book always surpasses the movie! Last but not least, Nicholas Sparks infamous The Notebook! Again, same reason as before, I have been wanting to read this book so much, being one of my favourite movies and all!

St. Paddys OOTD
Unfortunately on St. Paddy's Day I could't go out for a pint of Guiness, reason being is that I had a course till late and mum was going for an operation first thing in the morning. Even though I couldn't go out and enjoy myself, I still could look the part! 
New Look Mint Fitted Blazer
Esprit Top with Leather Details
Primark Skinny Jeans
New Look Green Statement Necklace
Independent Store Tan Boots

Spots and Stripes
RE-POST: Spots and Stripes OOTD I wore for work one day!
Qed London Black and White Jumper
Atmosphere/ Primark Black and White Striped Shirt
New Look Skater Skirt
Peacocks Black Boots

Hello Spring!
Thanks to yesterday's public holiday I had some time to pick out an outfit before heading to hospital to visit my mum! I decided to go full on spring with my floral trousers and wear my new turban top <3
New Look Wool Cardigan
Calliope Top
New Look Floral Trousers
New Look Floral Necklace
Ontop Turban Top
Next Ankle Boots

My Chamilia Bracelet <3
So for Christmas I wanted a Chamilia Bracelet super badly! I ended up getting it in January but better late than never ;-) I'm planning to do a post on my bracelet which basically never comes off me unless I'm heading in the shower or sleeping! Till now, this is my collection <3

RGB + CMYK and Polka Dots Themed Party
My friend threw a 'RGB+CMYK/ Polka Dot' Themed Party last week were guests were invited to colour block colours from the colour chart however no patterns except Polka Dots were allowed! I decided to combine quite a few aspects and came up with the above OOTD... and yes, I was the brightest at the party teehee-hee!
New Look Boyfriend Blazer
New Look Neon Yellow Tank Top
George Black and Blue Polka Dot Tube Skirt (not very clear)
Next Ankle Boots
Chamilia Bracelet
Mango Interlinked Ring
Tally Weijl Layered Ring
Parfois Gold Studs
Lefties Necklace

Hope you like this instalment!
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Martina X

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