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Tried & Tested- Pupa Milano Soft & Wild Limited Edition Collection

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So I know I have been away for a while but I assure you I am alive and kicking just been super busy focusing on my career and other stuff in my life, more on that in an upcoming post!

Today I would like to talk to you about some products which have been sent over to me by Pupa Milano, however, first things first, let me take a few minutes of your time to show you this gorgeous collection!

First of all this collection is called the Soft & Wild collection and is a Limited Edition collection for Autumn 2015.

This collection features a number of different products from eye shadows to lipsticks to nail products that bring out your wild side whilst maintaining your soft features.
As Pupa put it:
"Pupa captures the trend and presents Soft&Wild, a make-up collection created for those women who love a sophisticated and romantic look with modern “aggressive” accents. Shades of powder pink blend with the bolder ones of fuchsia, for a collection that has a soft and wild soul."
You can view more information about this collection by clicking here: CLICK ME!
I received the Vamp! Duo Liner & Kajal and I'm Pure Colour Lipstick- Absolute Brightness in 003.
So, I have been wearing these products for the past week and I an safely say that I am OBSESSED with the lipstick and absolutely love the Kajal Liner, however, I am not wearing it out during the day due to the intensity of it. That being said I did wear it today to work but that was for review purposes!

In this photo you can see the look I created were I used the lipstick and the Duo Liner and Kajal.
Vamp! Duo Liner & Kajal
In this look I applied the Kajal Liner on the bottom of my eyes whilst the liquid liner on top. As you can see the intensity of the Kajal is much more intense than that of the liner, in fact when I wore it out, I went over the liner with the Kajal and eyeshadow.
The packaging itself is really trendy and I love the shape of both the Kajal and Liner. It is very controllable but you need a bit more control with the liner. I also noted that if the kajal gets wasted you can actually pull it out of place (granted I noticed this because I was a bit of a savage with it (see my wild side was coming out ;))
I also tested out both the kajal and liner by swatching them and putting them under water then wiping them off with a towel... look at my results below:
The black line on top is the Liner part whilst the black line on the bottom is the kajal part.
I was quite impressed with the Kajal part it actually went after a good rub with soap, however the liner part went out quite quickly when I washed it with soap.
That being said I still wanted to test out the longevity. I tested it out on a very long Friday night and I did have some bleeding from the Kajal and the Liner stayed on quite well, having said that I did put the kajal for more intensity on it, however, today I tested the Liner out with no added stuff..
As you can see there was a bit of fading of the liner and bleeding from the kajal but for a morning look the fading doesn't bother me that much.
All in all I love this liner and will definitely re-buy it once it runs out!
I'm Pure Colour Lipstick- Absolute Brightness in 003- Wild Red

I am OBSESSED with this shade! It is the right amount of red to wear at night or during the day and the application is soo smooth and it leaves your lips quite moisturised!
If you follow me on Instagram/ Facebook you know I posted this photo recently:
The shade on my lips is none other than the I'm Pure Colour Lipstick- Absolute Brightness in 003- Wild Red! The below photo is a closer look at the shade on my lips!

On the day, I also decided to test out the longevity and boy did I give this lipstick a run for it's money! On the day we had spare ribs for lunch so you can imagine what torture this poor lipstick went through.
 Considering what I put my lipstick through, I was quite surprised that I had a nice tint to my lips!

To be fair, today I re-tested the lipstick this time eating normally and drinking as I normally do:

Although the lipstick is not as vibrant as before, the red is still quite prominent and is still on my lips as I sit here and type whilst sipping on my Lemon & Ginger tea!
This lipstick comes in four shades, two neutral shades one on beige and one which is more pinky and a fuchsia shade. 
I absolutely love this collection and considering their prices which are a bit on the pricier side, I think that they are good value for the money you spend!
Before I forget... the following are the prices of all the collection:
Soft & Wild I'M Pure Colour Lipstick- Absolute Brightness - €12.45
Soft & Wild Vamp! Duo Liner & Kajal - €11.80

Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel - €6.00
Soft & Wild Animal Print Effect Top Coat - €6.00
Soft & Wild Blush - €14.40
Soft & Wild Vamp! Wet & Dry Eyeshadow - €11.70 each
 Hope you liked this post!
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*Disclaimer- I was sent the above products for free, however, this review is of my true and honest opinion. I was not paid to write this review.

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