Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You! - GIVEAWAY!!

Hi guys!

We would like to thank you all for your constant support over these past few months, we really appreciate all your support!!

In order to thank you we are holding a giveaway! Please view the following video to know more about the products that we are giving to you :-)

To win these prizes you have to:

1. Comment on this post:
Stating your name, email address, where you're from and giving us suggestions on what posts you would like to read
2. Follow our blog:
3. Like our facebook page:
4.Like Aphrodite's Temptations facebook page:

A winner will be randomly chosen by the use of a random generator.

Giveaway closes on Friday 13th January 2012. Good Luck!

The Fabulous Team xx


  1. Grats on your first give away :D I'll make sure to spread the word :>

    I'm not going to compete here, I'm just here to spread the word further to attract more people to this awesome blog :D

    Keep it up!

  2. Roxanne Palla, Gzira

    Hey ladies! First of all well done for ur blog!! :) It's really interesting, especially post wrt make-up :)
    Since all I hear about lately is the word "sales", what about creating a post wrt the current retail outlets sales in Malta? Maybe pointing out the real bargains, the best retail shops were to purchase atm etc... and it would be nice to get the blog's followers opinions and personal experiences :)

    Keep it up luvlies!!
    Roxy xxx

  3. Awhh girls, great giveaway!

    I'd love to see some make up reviews and tips :) I like reading about how other people find certain products so it's really useful at the end of the day!

    Lara Boffa, Malta

  4. Congrats on the success for your blog so far girls, may it continue into 2012.

    I'd love to posts about being a beauty addict in Malta. As we all know, the products/treatments we see advertised we can't always get on the island :)

    Elle, Swieqi

  5. Denise and Martina are currently at the 5th position in the most voted list on the Beauty Editor's Shoes Competition!

    You can vote once daily. so LET'S KEEP PRESSING THAT VOTE BUTTON to thank them for all their hard work and to motivate them further!!! - You can vote once a day per entry.

    The more you help out the more awesome and FREE giveaways like these will be possible!

  6. Congrats to you both MALTESE girls :) I would like to see more on some simple nail designs.. I am from mosta,malta. (following your fb page as maria vester)

  7. Great giveaway guys :) x
    I'd absolutely love for you to make a sort of 'Winter Series' with multiple videos showing cool make up/hair/ clothing looking for the winter season; I think that'd be great !
    Thanks and keep on making a great blog x

    Natalia; Malta;

  8. Awesome giveaway!!

    I would like to see in this blog more videos about nail art and hairstyles. And also reviews and diy projects.

    Gea, Estonia

  9. great giveaway !!!
    i would like to see more videos about hairstyles!
    i'm from Athens, Greece
    GFC tania
    facebook name :Tania Athens

  10. Thank you for the lovely giveaway, ladies! Liked both FB pages (Maria Veronica Tymosiewicz) and am following on blogger :)

    What I love most about your blog are your hauls, they get me so excited every time! And because I'm from Singapore, some of the brands you've got are not available here and I'm just so jealous haha.

    It would be splendid if you guys can do a video or post about removing makeup because I always get clogged pores from bad cleansing and would like some help!

    Thank you very much once again and if you like, do visit my blog too ;)

    Maria Veronica.

  11. Wow this a great giveaway! The ELF Beauty Book looks great so I'll keep my fingers crossed to win.

    As for posts I'd like to see this year... more makeup tips and looks maybe? You did a post about foundations last year that I found really helpful.

    Keep up the great work on this blog!
    Eimear Ellis, Dublin

  12. Jennifer Cosaitis - from Birkirkara, Malta

    It is so refreshing to find a blog like this - created by fellow Maltese. You are an inspiration! Some things I would like to see: On fashion magazines, you mostly see make up tips to suit pale complexions with completely different colouring from ours. Maybe you could include more make up tips for Mediterranean complexions and maybe some fashion tips for people with normal figures. How many Maltese are actually a six 6 ? We still like to wear fashionable clothes that flatter our figure :)

    Keep up the good work ladies :)

  13. Hannah Mills
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Would love to see some product comparing =) Like compare budget products to high end products and compare their performances =) x

  14. name: Sara Costa
    email address:
    from: Portugal
    suggestion: I would love to see more posts about products reviews and make-up tips.
    Nice blog ;)


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  16. Chelsea Brand
    I would love to see more post about make up tips and tricks!, and home made products!, hauls and how to do hair styles videos
    love the blog

  17. GFC: fatema


    i am from pakistan

    i would love to see more hauls.

    my facebook name is : zaara khan

    i liked both pag