Monday, January 2, 2012

The Beauty Editor's Shoes Competition!!

Hi Guys!

We hope you enjoyed your New Year's Celebrations!!

As some of you might know Distribeauty UK have created a platform called 'The Beauty Editor's Shoes' and are currently holding a competition for bloggers to upload a video reviewing 3 products in order to win an amazing prize!!

We couldn't miss this opportunity therefore we decided to try our luck and submit a video entry which can be viewed here:

Our Competition Entry

How can you help us?

Click the link above and if you liked our review just press vote!

Thanks in advance for all the support you have showed us.

Denise & Martina
The Fabulous Team

1 comment:

  1. Denise and Martina are currently at the 5th position in the most voted list on the Beauty Editor's Shoes Competition!

    You can vote once daily. so LET'S KEEP PRESSING THAT VOTE BUTTON to thank them for all their hard work and to motivate them further!!! - You can vote once a day per entry.

    The more you help out the more awesome and FREE giveaways like these - - will be possible!